Friday, March 9, 2012

Time flies.

Geeze. Where has this week gone?

Suddenly it's Friday and I haven't written anything since Monday. Life surely got the best of me over the past few days. Unfortunately, Daily Dose took a hit because of it. You're not mad at me, are you? Sigh. You have no idea how many times I repeated "gotta blog...gotta blog" to myself. But alas, I didn't. I couldn't, really. I'm home alone with Hannah all day, and the guilt sets in if I set her down for too long. And sometimes, even when I do set her down, she lets me know right quick that it's not a plan she wants to be a part of. Or we're off doing something with someone somewhere far away from the computer.

Let's talk about the past few days.

Such a terrible day, really. I woke up tired and never really shook the feeling despite having clocked three really good miles at the gym. By the end of the day, I was suckin' these down somethin' fierce:

What started as fatigue turned into an itchy, scratchy throat that has since manifested itself into a nice, fun little cold. Hooray! And since I'm breastfeeding, most meds are off limits. But really, I'm less concerned with how I feel and more concerned with how Hannah feels. God forbid she get sick. She's already been to the doctor once this week, which brings me to reason #2 why Tuesday was such a terrible day.

My little girl is two months old this week, which means she had to get a set of shots that most babies do at her age. She disliked it, and screamed bloody hell for about a minute, purple face and all. It absolutely broke my heart so I bought her a new toy. Ha! One of those playmats with an arch of hanging toys. She loves it, I think. It's totally and completely pink. But with the shots comes a tendency toward fuss-bucket antics that not even a new toy could soothe.

So, once again, no computer time for momma.

I brought Yoga back into my life. One thing that has been going well for me this week: My workout schedule. Hannah seems to nap after breakfast, which makes it easy for me to pack her up and head to the gym, so I've been getting back into a routine of sorts. (Well, except for today. Stupid cold.)

This week, I switched out my Wednesday strength session with a Gentle Yoga class. Gosh, I missed Yoga—and it was nice to revisit some of the poses that couldn't be done in Prenatal Yoga. Speaking of Yoga. I had every intention of doing a Yoga-themed Workout Wednesday. Obviously that never happened, so I give you this, just in case you're interested:

What  else happened on Wednesday?

Daily Dose turned two! Yep, we've existed for two years now, me and my blog. I can't hardly believe it. Time really does fly when you're having fun.

I'm obvious proof of that this week.

Did you know that yesterday was International Woman's Day? I was reminded of female faces of fitness. Like, oh...Jane Fonda and Tosca Reno. The chick who started Jazzercise. And I'm sure there are countless others worth mentioning. Also worth mentioning:

Cinnamon sugar almond butter. Yeah. Lauren's recipe is amazing, and I encourage you to try it. Now, don't get me wrong, it's a rather sinful batch of almond butter, but a tasty one nonetheless...

...and that, of course, brings me to Friday. Today. I think my girl is getting past her fuss-bucket, post-shot stage. But I, as indicated earlier, am feeling like shiz. So that means no gym for me today, sadly. But I do hope to get a brief, 30 minutes of walking done outside when daddy comes home for lunch. It's still a bit too cold up here in Michigan to strap the little one into her stroller.

All in good time, I sense that Spring is near.

Question: Was any part of your week exceptionally hectic? If so, how did you cope? What got pushed aside in the name of time?

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