Monday, March 5, 2012

Just so you know...

Are you body positive? I sure hope so.

I know, it's hard...hard to love yourself when all you see is imperfections, but therein lies the problem. When all you see is imperfections, you're not letting yourself look at the big picture. The person you are both inside and out. And even if you love the person on the inside, you'll go nowhere with that love unless you love the person on the outside, too. And for the most part, that person is almost always worth loving.

So you want more muscles. So you want to lose a few pounds. Know that there isn't a single thing wrong with those goals, generally speaking. But the point is to have those goals in light of the fact that, even if you never achieve those goals, you can still be a happy person totally in love with your own self. Once you love yourself, only then can you make strides in your fitness and in your health (among other things).

We are who we are. Muscles, clothing sizes...they don't define us as individuals. We. Are. Who. We are. And that's a very good thing.

These days, I am constantly reminding myself to love the body I have. My post-preggo pooch hides whatever abdominal definition I once had, and I won't claim to like it, but I've accepted it with love. I did, after all, give birth only two months ago. And that little pooch...all because of my daughter, so I accept it as a sign that I worked hard for nine months to create such an angel in disguise. And if I'm being totally honest, I'm only about six pounds past my pre-pregnancy weight. So I really can't complain because I'm feeling exceptionally great. I can't fit into my favorite jeans yet, but that's neither here nor there at this point (and I honestly think my hips got wider) because I'm putting some serious time in at the gym.

TRX. Planks. Weights. Running.
Clearly, I'm  loving every minute of it:

I might also be loving my iPhone a little too much. Self portraits never get old. Sigh.

Anyways, that's enough about that. Let's get to some good eats, I've had two today. First up? Willow's Yamburgers:

Served with half a grapefruit and a bowl of my favorite berry topped salad (and some homemade croutons). Guys, if you like sweet potatoes, go make these Yamburgers. You will not regret it. For one, the flavor is fantastic. For two, it makes a bunch—I actually threw these together on Saturday, at which point I cooked about four of them. I made one on Sunday, one today and I still have half of the "dough" left. Can't wait for tomorrow's lunch, that's for sure!

Next up, honey cinnamon peanut butter:

With an apple. And some Marie Claire. While my baby took a nap. Yummy snack for multiple reasons!

Question: What did you eat for lunch today? Did you have an afternoon snack, too?

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Kristy said...

Tara, you are Amazing! You inspire me so much. Thanks for the post. It takes some effort to be positive, but I am finding it to be worth it. Thanks again.

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