Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just another Sunday.

Another weekend bites the dust. The sun is down, leaving behind the promise of yet another Monday. I'm sure you hate it significantly more than I if you find yourself with a full-time job, so I won't complain too much. However, this upcoming week will be my last without work. That's right, only one more week of maternity leave and honestly—I'm not really dreading going back to work. Lookin' forward to it, actually. Of course, it helps that Hannah will be with me and that she's already used to the nursery at the gym. Should be a smooth transition, but I still intend to enjoy not having to wear the work hat for a few more days.

One hat that I'm not very good at wearing: Bow-Into-Bouquet Maker. You know that tradition where the maid (matron, in my case) of honor takes all the bows from the shower gifts and turns them into a practice bouquet for the bride? Yeah, well...I suck at it.

Sorry, sis. I'll try and do better at your next shower.

At least the rest of the shower was a success (I think).

So today, since I was gone from home all of yesterday, I spent time catching up in the food department as I do on almost every Sunday. And I do mean that I was literally in the food department. We went grocery shopping, and then I did some food prep for the week:

Details to come, but I'll tell you this: (1) nut butter, (1) batch of muffins, and (1) whole grain salad of sorts. All yummy, and all prepared while Little Miss slept soundly in her crib for an hour and a half. We're working on a solid afternoon nap right now, right before she eats dinner, which I'm hoping might help with the early evening fussiness. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Life with an infant, man...totally unpredictable. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Until then, it's high time I hit "publish." She's down for the night, so it's go-time for mom. Time for some laundry. Yet another thing I have to prep for the week. Clothes. And burp towels and onesies and bibs and...

Question: If you have kids, I'm interested in hearing about their nap schedules. How strictly do you enforce them? Do you wake your kids to eat if it's eatin' time? Or do you let them sleep? If you don't have kids, I want to know how often YOU take naps. Me, I've never been a napper myself.

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