Friday, March 16, 2012

Eleven Link Loves

As promised, I give you eleven blogs to check out...well, perhaps you're already reading some of them. Regardless, they are eleven of my new favs and I've added them to my Link Love page (with descriptions, if you're curious).

4) Foodiecrush
5) LilSugar
6) meals and moves
7) Mom-101
8) See Jane
9) Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life
10) Suri's Burn Book
11) ___________

That last one is blank because I never know when I'm going to come across my new fav read. And if you have a blog I should know about, I want you to tell me about it in the comments below. Please, won't ya? Leave me a link so I can check ya out, dear reader! YOU might be my new fav read! 

And now, another workout. It's not Workout Wednesday, but if we're being completely honest with each other, every day is Workout Wednesday! Check it:

Question: Did you work out today? What did you do?

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