Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Workout Wednesday: High Intensity, Higher Weights

Guys, I had a back workout planned for today's Workout Wednesday. But I went to the gym today and decided to crank it up a notch on myself—and it was good. So I feel compelled to share my workout with you. But more on that later. First and foremost, don't forget to enter my SunWarrior giveaway. The stuff is fab, and you don't want to miss your chance to snag some for free. Seriously! You might win! A lot of bloggers post giveaways, and sometimes a ton of people enter—which might turn you away from entering yourself under the premise that, well...hell, you won't ever be the one to win out of a zillion. But you might be that one. For example, I recently snagged some Chobani from Tiffany, who writes Nature Mom's Blog. Can't wait for that shipment to arrive.


Yesterday was crazy, which is why I didn't post. Hannah and I went down to South Bend to run errands—it's a much better place to run errands than where I live, which has but a shady mall and a crappy Target. Not that Target is ever crappy, but compared to the one down there...this one is crappy. There's also a Meijer and a Walmart where I live, but you can only go there so many times. A girl craves Hobby Lobby and Bed Bath & Beyond and the smell of the food court in a real mall with an Apple store and a Gap.

There's also a natural foods store, no...not in the mall. We popped in so I could pick up a few things for my Foodie Pen Pal. I got these for myself:

People, tell me I'm the last one to discover Instagram! It. Is. So. Fun. And these bars look so. good. I will readily admit to a snack bar obsession. I keep them in the pantry at all times, and I love trying new varieties. But I won't try just any variety, that's for sure. Some of them are basically just candy bars in better wrappers. Ya gots to be careful what you pick up! But anyways, download Instagram if you haven't already.

Because then you can take cheesy self portraits like the one at right...and make them look instantly cooler with the application of the photo filter of your choice. It's genius. And it's free. But that's enough about that. Let's get back to Workout Wednesday.

As I indicated at the top of this post, I've got a good one for you. It starts out with some high intensity action, trickles down to some biceps with heavier weights and ends on a shoulder note. You'll need a BOSU, some hand weights and enough space for walking lunges followed by running. Like a track around the gym or a city block outside your front door. Check it:

Lemme know how it goes if you try it. And, ya know, don't hesitate to pin it if you're keen to pinnin'.

Oh, and for real—the weather in Michigan is ridiculous right now. It's like summer. I have shorts on.

So awesome.

Question: Have you ever been a giveaway winner? What did you win?

ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! You just might win a bag of protein powder from SunWarrior! (Contest ends at midnight EST on Friday, March 16, 2012).

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