Thursday, March 29, 2012

On willpower and dedication.

My sister sent me these words via text this morning:

She's beautiful as can be, has always been athletic and as you know, she is getting married in May. She's also knee-deep in student teaching as she works toward her Master's in Special Education. So on top of the wedding plans, she's got lesson plans to worry about. And while all of that matters, nothing has begun to matter more to her than her own personal health and well being.  

What was once an activity based solely on sport (volleyball), exercising and eating right is now becoming her way of living purely because it's how one lives well. It's been wonderful to sit back and watch her develop this attitude toward working out, and I just love getting little updates from her now and again. From her running schedule to her yoga practice, to a new gym membership and being able to get up at 4:00AM in order to squeeze in a workout—girl's got it goin' on. And she brings to light a very good point:

It's truly awesome what a little willpower and dedication can do.

Only you can really make a difference in your life. Only you can really make the decision to eat well, to workout and to live healthy. That's right, only you. If a fit and healthy lifestyle is something you truly want for yourself—stop making excuses, stop saying "tomorrow." Today is here, and you'll never get it back again, so make it a day worth looking back on once it's gone. 

Get up, get moving. It might be hard at first, and you'll certainly take two steps forward and a few steps back on occasion. But that's completely normal. It's life. And life is meant to be lived. So if you want that chocolate, that beer or maybe that fried whatever...have it. Just a little bit of it to satisfy your craving, then move on knowing you have not completely sabotaged your greatest achievements. Moving on is the win here. Moving on is a sign that you've got what it takes to recognize the things in your life that aren't "good for you."

Don't look back with guilt. Don't look back with hate and self-judgement. Look back and be proud of your willpower to only have just enough.

But that's enough about eating. Take those same principles, that same willpower and know that once you get your butt to the gym, you'll forever want to thank yourself for getting in that workout. Even if it's just a 30-minute walk around the block. That still counts, you bet it does.

Today, I want you to ask yourself this one thing: Can I do it?
And then I want you to look in the mirror and say: Yes, damn right I can.

And then I want you to go out and do it.

Question: Have you made any personal achievements lately that have you beaming with pride? Don't be shy...tell me!

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