Saturday, September 29, 2012

@KodiakCakes for breakfast, please.

Every time I walk down the breakfast aisle at my grocery store, I drool over the box of Kodiak Cakes for two reasons: 1) I love pancakes and, 2) I wish I could make fancy breakfasts every day of the week. Now, I realize that instant pancake mix is far from fancy, but when you're used to shoveling in a quick bowl of oats before class or before your daughter wakes up, then some hot pancakes are indeed quite fancy. Even if they are of the instant variety. So when I went to the grocery store last weekend and found them on sale, you bet your batter I scooped up a box. And I finally made them for breakfast.

What I love about Kodiak Cakes is the fact that the ingredients list is so short—and that everything on it is recognizable and fairly healthy.

Not so for many of the items in those interior grocery store aisles, eh? Stick to the perimeter, folks. Or be smart.

I digress. Back to the pancakes.
Er, flapjacks.

Whatever you call them.

However you serve them.
Me? With peanut butter and bananas because you can't ever go wrong with those two.

I know, right? They were so good. Then again, whole grains do taste better. So it's only fitting that they make the perfect pancake.


Whatever you call them.

Tomorrow: 6 miles.

Question: What's your go-to fancy breakfast when you've got time to make one?

Disclaimer: Kodiak Cakes did not compensate me for this review, nor did they send me product. I really did purchase the box you see above with my own money. I swear. So all the above is the truth as I know it.


Kelly McNelis said...

You inspired me to make pancakes today! I normally eat toast with peanut butter for breakfast, but I read this post when I woke up, realized we were out of peanut butter, and headed straight to the pantry for pancake mix. Yum! I had mine with butter and syrup. I figure I don't eat them often, so I gotta live large :)

adailydoseoffit said...

Butter and second favorite way to eat pancakes!

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