Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Lower Body Workout

So it's been a great day! It is Friday, after all. And if we're being totally honest, there is nothing better than the onset of two whole days of not living by a work schedule. I really don't think it matters how much you love your job—and I do love my job—because having the freedom to do as you please with your day for two whole days is quite nice. Right? There's just something about Saturday and Sunday.

But it's still Friday. There is still work to be done. Thankfully, I got my workout in when I taught Circuit Sculpt this morning. So that's off the list. And in the name of being totally honest (see above), I must divulge that I planned today's class in five minutes at, like...11:00PM last night. It turned out to be a good one, and I think it's because I included one of my favorite little lower body workouts.

This sequence  always seems to up the ante of any workout I plan. I rarely use it alone because it's quite basic. But it's good, and it makes me work.  In today's class, I positioned it before and after a series of bicep/tricep exercises. I took all the groans and the "are you serious?" to mean that they were loving it and, quite possibly, feeling it. Needless to say, I left class in a great mood.

And as I was walking out the door, I happened to check Twitter. OnFitness Magazine had some feel good tweets goin' on:

Not sure that I've done the first yet, but I'm pretty happy with who and what I am right now. That's not to sound vain, overconfident or self-indulgent, I just feel like I'm in a really happy place right now. My daughter is blossoming, my husband is wonderful, my body is pretty much back to where it used to be—I really can't ask for more than that. It would all be icing on the cake anyway.

Seriously. Icing on the cake. As in, a piece of cake made by the Cake Boss. Yes...THAT cake boss. Apparently, he baked a cake for a local event that was somewhat associated with my husband's place of employment. Note, I live in Michigan. Not in New Jersey where the bakery itself is located (and, subsequently, where the show is filmed). My husband knows how much I love sweets, particularly cake and cupcakes, so he snagged me a piece of the leftovers. Proof:

I have to say, I couldn't eat more than two (fine...four) bites of the above. It was sweet, and the fondant icing didn't do anything for me. But the cake itself was divine, as was the fudge filling. I only wish I had been able to see the cake itself. Cake Boss, as you might recall, is known for constructing lavish cakes.

But that's enough about my indulgence for the day.
Gotta go finish my Friday.

Have a weekend, y'all.

PS: Are you following me on Twitter yet?

Question: Did you indulge in anything delicious today? Did you "do something nice for someone you don't know yet?"

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