Wednesday, September 12, 2012

National Chocolate Milkshake Day

Yep, this day is for real. National Chocolate Milkshake Day. Could there be a better day? Well...I guess if it was National Chocolate Milkshake Minus The Calories Day, then maybe there could be. I'm sure we'd all be jumping for joy in a big pool of chocolate goodness if that was the case. But it isn't, so we can do one of two things:

1) Indulge our taste buds on a sinful little treat.
2) Indulge our taste buds on a sinful-but-healthy little treat.

I chose #2. But I've been known to choose #1 on occasion. Let's be honest—everyone should choose #1 on occasion. Just sayin'. The ingredients:

Behold, that which makes an awesome chocolate-cherry milkshake. The chocolate PlantFusion protein powder and PB2 came at me from Swanson Health Products, whose prices really can't be beat. I added cherry CHO and some mini chocolate chips to up the flavor, and half a banana is just necessary in any smoothie. The raspberries? I don't know...they were looking sad in my refrigerator so I threw 'em in, too. Along with four ice cubes.

Just four, that's all you need. I SWEAR.
The result was quite fantastic if I do say so myself.

And if you're wondering about the PB2, it's peanut butter in powder form. Minus all the oils and other junk, which makes it quite pure and delicious. If you mix it with water, it makes peanut butter. If you throw it in smoothies or oatmeal, it adds a great peanut flavor to the mix. I had some on vanilla CHO the other day:

With some miniature chocolate chips and a few banana chunks...and it was quite delicious. My only beef with the product? Hard to find. And it can be expensive. But it's totally worth it, in my humble opinion.

Also worth it? Local honey.

I love it when the honey lady comes to the gym. She's so nice and has the best honey. When my last jar ran out, I bought some from Meijer and it just was not the same. At all. So I literally pulled a bad-trainer move and stopped my client so I could beg her for a jar when she walked by on the track.

Bless her soul for having an extra jar with her today. $7 for the smaller jar above, and its so worth every single cent. I'm seriously considering asking her if I can meet her bees so I can bow down to them.

You think I'm lying.

Tomorrow: A fitness update and a workout. It's been awhile.

Question: What product do you buy locally that you can't live without?

Disclaimer: Swanson Health Products gave me a code that allowed me to snag some free products, including the above. I was not paid to review the products or to mention the company. Rest assured, all opinions are my own. And rest assured that I really do think Swanson runs a great ship


PB and Peppers said...

Your drink looks amazing!!! Yummy!!

Kara Cullen said...

You need to introduce me to the honey lady at the gym!

adailydoseoffit said...

I will...I'll give you her name next time I see you :-) I'm sure you'll know who she is...

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