Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Importance of Recess (#Infographic)

Up here in Michigan, kiddos young and old are returning to school today. I can almost smell the fresh pencils and crisp folders being loaded into brand-new backpacks. The brown bag lunches being stuffed into lockers that'll never be so organized again, and that are slammed shut seconds later as feet shod with new shoes turn and scuffle to class. In fact, I can almost remember what all of that felt like even though my days of doing the school thing are long gone. I had a love/hate relationship with school back in the day, but I do truly miss it now.

Well, I love/hated most of it anyway. Recess was always fun. In grade school, we'd race out the door to be the first one on top of the monkey bars. In high school, we didn't have recess, but we had lunch. And gym class. Both of which helped us blow off some steam (and catch up on the gossip). And in college, well...recess became something carefree we all reminisced about. We no longer had access to the playground or gym class, but we still had access to a gym. And lunch.

And then we graduated. Work became the new natural and relaxation, especially any form of recess, seemed to be a true thing of the past. At least until Saturday and Sunday hit. But I've learned, after a number of years spent working in an office, that recess can and should still exist. Especially in school, but more importantly for you adults reading this. Recess should exist in your daily life. And it should exist as exercise. Or any form of movement that gets you up and going. Especially if you find yourself working in an office.

The following infographic highlights the importance of recess in schools, and the points within can be applied to the importance of "recess" in your adult work life, too. Consider it motivation. Regardless of what you do on a daily basis, you...yes, all of us...should take the time to give yourself a break. And if it's a physical break (think: exercise) then all the better.

Check it:

The Importance of Recess

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Beth Kimberly said...

Great post. A little recess in every person's day can go a long way for young and old! You may enjoy reading about how play in the workplace can actually improve productivity (and health): http://www.playworks.org/blog/all-work-and-no-play-there%E2%80%99s-better-way

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