Wednesday, September 5, 2012

@NaturesPath + @Chobani = Yum

I am currently obsessed with Nature's Path Love Crunch. Have you discovered this granola? And just so we're clear—I am not being compensated for this post in any way, unless you count the payment I'm getting in awesome flavor and stomach fullness. This stuff is good. Really good. Apple Crumble good. And I bought it with my own money. The yogurt, too. Have you guys seen the new 16-ounce Chobani containers? A lot of the blogs I read are writing about them, particularly the Chocolate Chunk version, which I cannot seem to find in the store.

So I made my own: Vanilla + Miniature Chocolate Chips = Chocolate Chunk CHO.

When I topped it off with the Apple Crumble Love Such a great snack. Or breakfast. Whichever you fancy. I've had it twice now which, honestly, just isn't enough. I'm anxious to get my hands on more of the Love Crunch. I've had the Dark Chocolate and Red Berries Blend, and the Aloha Blend, but not any of the others as I haven't seen them in my go-to stores.


That's that.
This is this:

A giant watermelon and six ears of corn are not pictured. I will be seriously sad when my farm share no longer arrives on Wednesdays. It's the best...even though I am overflowing with peppers at the moment. What's a girl to do with all those sweet little things?! And do you think I can make a miniature apple pie with the two pictured? They're more for baking, not eating, as they're not sweet. Hm.

Those raspberries, by the way...they'll be gone in a hot second. Berries don't last in my house.

Anyway (again).

Today's workout is to be determined. I'm super sore from a 4-miler that include an additional mile of waking lunges and sprints. And yesterday's HIIT. Rest day? We'll see.

Question: What's a girl to do with all those sweet little peppers pictured above? Suggestions, please!


Amy said...

Nice work making your own VCC! That bowl looks pretty dang yummy. If you're having trouble finding it in your local store, sit your Dairy Manager down and ask them to stock the shelves with our 16oz blended cups! Also, the peppers would make for some tasty little stuffed appetizers, maybe.


adailydoseoffit said...

Next time I visit the grocery store, I'm getting to the bottom of the missing Chocolate Chunk. I just noticed this weekend that they stocked all of the other flavors in the new size, just not the one involving Chocolate...which, IMO, deserves a front/center spot. Hello, CHOCOLATE! Ha! And good idea for the peppers, I was thinking the same thing...

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