Thursday, September 20, 2012

Succeed because you can.

I was about to let the day go by without a post. I do that sometimes when said day gets the best of me. And then I jumped on Pinterest—because I needed a few minutes of mindless entertainment—and I found this:

I firmly believe that all of YOU need to believe the above. The words? So true. Case and point: I decided to make tonight's run a 6-miler. For a split second, I regretted the decision and was fairly convinced that it would go very badly. Part of me wasn't motivated. Part of me wasn't excited by the route I had planned. But I knew I could do it. I knew that I needed to do it in the name of training for a 15K. And I wanted to do it. So I laced up and went. And ended up clocking all six miles in under 60 minutes. 54 minutes and some change, to be exact.

Lesson: Whatever it is you want to do, you really can. Erase all of the negative thoughts that swirl in your brain and believe in yourself. Believe in yourself quite firmly, actually. Success starts within and the rest follows.

Question: What's your last great success?

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