Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Need prenatal and postpartum fitness advice?

Guys, I'm so excited. Kelly of New Leaf Wellness has asked me to help lead a set of classes related to prenatal and postpartum fitness. These discussions are part of a "LIVE! At Lunch" series that focuses on balancing motherhood with healthy living.

Each class in the series is one hour long, conducted at lunch and over the phone. It will run you $15 per class—a fair price, considering the amount of information you will be given. Translation? We'll answer all of your questions as best we can, and we'll provide tips and takeaways that you can apply to your life almost immediately. And by "we," I mean Kelly and the guest experts she's lined up.

"Expert" is a strong word, but that will be me in the "Exercise During Pregnancy" and "Exercise After Baby" classes. Other sessions will discuss organization, slow cooker meals, healthy eating during and after pregnancy and more. Call in for one, call in for them all.

Question: Depending on the success of this series, there may be room for more. What classes would you suggest Kelly look into scheduling in the next go-round? Talk to us both. We're listening.


Kelly McNelis said...

Thanks for sharing, Tara!!

Erin Madore said...

Congratulations for being asked to participate! Seems like a great series! :)

adailydoseoffit said...

Thanks, Erin! I'm super excited about it.

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