Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10 Things I Found On The Internet

There are currently 444...yep, for real and probably more by now...unread posts in my Google Reader. Perhaps I follow too many blogs. Perhaps I've just been disconnected from them all. The latter is most likely the case as I'm also distracted by a large pile of unread magazines (among other things). No books, though. I am not currently reading any books, however I do have a list that I'd like to eventually tackle. But first, I feel as though I need to tackle the aforementioned 444. So I made a bowl of oats this morning whilst the babe slept and got to clickin'. The result? Still a ton of unread posts in my reader, but I managed to pin, save, think about and be inspired by a small handful of the posts I did get to.

I thought I'd link you to some of them, so here are 10 things I found on the Internet this morning (not all of which pertain to fitness and/or healthy living). In no particular order:

1) Pumpkin Granola BarsWhether you're ready for it or not, 'tis the season for all things pumpkin and the Internet is certainly overflowing with them much like a pumpkin patch would be. Check out this recipe. Cue the drool.

2) Run Somewhere You Love and Do What Makes You Happy. Even if running isn't your thing, this post will motivate you to find a form of exercise that you do love.

3) Nelly featuring Keri Hilson—Live Tonight. I am always looking for great workout tunes and this one had me (I'm not lying) dancing in my seat. Click below, booty pop!

4) A Little Pink Desk. Because what little girl doesn't need a cute little desk in her room? Hannah wouldn't use it yet, but there's a perfect spot in her room for one. Pink, of course...or perhaps yellow.

5) How to Breathe When Running. Perhaps one of the most oft-asked questions is that of how to breath while running. It can be a difficult thing for one to gain control of, and I think this post really sheds some light on the concept. My biggest tip? Relax into your run. Your body, including your lungs, will learn to do the same.

6) Homemade Raspberry Applesauce. I never would have thought to combine the two, but now I'm seriously obsessed with making this delicious-looking concoction. (Also, I just subscribed to this blog which brings my unread posts up to 456. Great.)

7) A Note About Friendships. I feel like I could have written this post myself. It talks about friendships, obvi. It talks about wanting to see your friends more, making new friends and keeping old friends. And it really, truly makes me miss all of my friends. Even the ones I see on a regular basis. Why? Because my friends are awesome. Every single one of them.

8) Quick, Easy and Nutritious Foods for Kiddos Young and Old. Weelicious is my new favorite website. It's a goldmine for baby food recipes, treats for toddlers and more...I drool over every single picture! As Hannah gets older and more adventurous with her foods, I find myself looking for inspiration in the kitchen. Weelicious is it, and now I want the cookbook:

9) 15 Minutes of HIIT Sweat Workout. We have an agility ladder at the gym, but I never use it. This video from Brad Gouthro, fellow FitFluential Ambassador, inspires me to get it out.

10) Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt. Um, anything that combines pumpkin and Greek yogurt is a winner in my book. Plus, this recipe could not be any easier.

Question: What's the last great thing you found on the Internet? Link me!

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