Sunday, May 22, 2011

SELF Magazine Workout in the Park '11

Yesterday was another glorious day in the city, and I say that with a bit of sarcasm. Little drops of rain tagged us throughout our adventure, but with the slight sense of humidity in the air, the raindrops falling on our heads were almost welcomed. Luckily, they never amounted to rainstorms. Mom and I were able to enjoy the 2011 SELF Magazine Workout in the Park—and a side adventure in Anthropologie. (Girls will always be girls on State Street in Chicago.) The pictures:

When you got there, you had to sign up for some of the specialty classes. We chose Yoga Body Sculpt and Tighten & Tone. We sort of felt it was a bummer that you could only sign up for two. But...I guess that's what the mainstage workout area is for.

Vendors like Athleta and Lucy were on hand to share some of their goods. We definitely wanted one of everything, and were thankful for the coupons we got in exchange for stopping by.

Special guest, Alison Sweeney of "The Biggest Loser" and (more importantly) "Days of our Lives." Hello, Sammy Brady! You look so cute in person!

I wish all of my workouts could be in the city's backyard. How cool to have skyscrapers behind and in front of you, and the lake on the other side? You can't see the lake, but it's just behind the trees.

Hi, Mom! Thanks for spending the day with me. 'Twas fun, as always.

 Yoga Body Sculpt. Halfway through this class, it started to drizzle. I've never done Yoga in the rain before, so that was kind of cool. Even though it made my mat slippery.

"Would you like to have your picture taken with Alison?" Yes, please. And I think this just might be my only picture with a celebrity. Unless, of course, you count my photo with Bozo the Clown when I was five or something. Sammy Brady is much cooler. And so cute in person!

Freebies! How great is it that you can walk away from such an event with a bag full of treats? It makes for truly an awesome day...and it makes paying $20 to get in totally worth it. Especially since you get a subscription to the magazine. BONUS!

Love SELF, love their message. It's truly a magazine that can inspire women (maybe even men) to be their healthiest, fittest selves. Obviously!

Question: Did you attend this event? What's your go-to fitness magazine?

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Elise said...

It looks awesome despite the rain! I'm so jealous of all the freebies... I read Self magazine but I'm a big fan of Oxygen magazine.

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