Monday, May 23, 2011

Packing and Purging

What a Sunday. I think it's safe to say that all the packing and purging has begun. It's true, we still have a month left in our little 'ol apartment, but we started prepping for the big move by tackling two areas that don't ever get our attention: The garage, and the dry storage area right outside our sliding door. Well, I should say that Jason starting tackling these two areas. I was too busy doing this:

Clearly, I have not cleaned my closet out in years. No wonder I feel like I never have anything to wear—because all the good clothes are hiding between the old clothes I don't like anymore! Ugh. Why didn't I do this sooner? Do you hang on to clothes and shoes longer than you probably should purely because you loved them so at one point or another? Guilty. I mean, there are still a few things in my closet I will never wear again. But they're associated with great times and happy memories, so I consider them keepsakes.

I did, however, put my last pair of cheerleading shoes in the throw-out pile.

Although now that I think about it, I might actually keep them. Tucked away in a closet at my parents' house is a small collection of cheerleading uniforms and corresponding pompons. I'd hate to be without the shoes, should I ever be invited to a costume party at Halloween. Laughing...I think I've still got bows somewhere, too. Geeze, always a cheerleader.

Anyways, I now have this in our bedroom:

Six bags of clothes, shoes and purses ready and waiting for a garage sale. Or maybe Goodwill. Not sure if I feel like moving these to the new house or not. We'll see.

I also, in all the madness and mayhem of packing and purging, attempted to make a batch of homemade bagels. It wasn't a yeast-based recipe, so I'm not exactly certain they turned out. They certainly do not look like bagels, not at all. Perhaps they'll make an appearance in a post later this week. We'll see how they taste.

So what happened Sunday night? Nothing. I spent the evening preparing for the week ahead. Circuit Sculpt and clients require my attention today, so I had to make sure I was ready to deliver.

I also thought about all those empty hangers in my closet. (Insert devilish thoughts of shopping here.)

No workouts for me on Sunday, although all the packing and purging kept me moving. And it was so hot out yesterday, I certainly worked up a sweat.

You have to pack and purge on occasion. Even when it comes to fitness. Try new things. Exchange old workouts for new, get rid of the moves that aren't doing you any good.

This you already know. This I've said a million times.

Perhaps not the daily dose of fit you were expecting today, but rather—a look at my life as I currently know it. It's always fun to see what other people are up to, right?

Question: What non-fitness related thing did you do yesterday? How often do you clean your closet?


Tammy said...

Funny. I did a closet purge last night too. Really tried to get rid of the "I might wear that" items. Still needs another pass through but it felt good. And considering the number of times I did our stairs to take things to the basement, a decent workout too.

Marley said...

I say do a garage sale :) So I can shop!

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