Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Official Product Review: Sip n' Go

Fitness is so much more than lifting weights and running miles. It's about treating your body right and doing so in a way that is ultimately fun and inspiring. What's great about the fitness industry, and I've said this before, is that there are so many exciting products, methods and more that serve to help us out on our journeys to greater health and well being. Products that enhance our time at the gym, methods that perfect our ability to tighten and tone. And ultimately, these products and methods go beyond the gym doors as evidenced in the way we feel, the way we carry ourselves. Really, as evidenced by the way we choose to live. And when I find a product or method that I think truly captures this essence, you know I jump at the chance to tell you about it.

So let's talk about the foldable reusable water bottle. Yes, I said "foldable" and "reusable." It's called a Sip 'n Go and it happens to be quite awesome. It looks like this:

Until you fill it with water, after which it looks like this:

It reminds me of my youth spent guzzling down Capri Sun drinks. Love it! And I love the push/pull sport cap. (If only Capri Suns came with a push/pull cap...think of all the juice that would never have gotten wasted from an overpunctured, leaky packet.) I also love the name tag:

Don't be stealin' my water, you! Ha! In all seriousness, this is another wonderful water bottle. Although it might have a slight advantage above others in terms of travel. I can imagine packing this in the pocket of a carry on bag, and then finding the nearest water fountain upon entering the terminal. And then when you're done with it, you're not stuck carrying around a fancy water bottle you don't want to part with—or parting with one that'll just end up in a landfill somewhere.

And did you see the clip? I ran to the store yesterday and clipped my Sip 'n Go on the corner of my purse.

Hands-free shopping, perfect for finding the keys at the bottom of your purse when you're done. (I always have that problem.) (And yes, I shop in my Vibrams.)

One last thing I have to mention about this sweet product: It's dishwasher safe. BONUS! Who likes to wash water bottles by hand? Not me. So, if you're looking for a portable, adorable, versatile and affordable water bottle—I may have just found it for you. It'll run you $7.99...but if that seems like a lot, ask yourself how much that case of water costs you (on a weekly basis, perhaps).

And since we're talking about water, let us quickly review some hydration facts.

It's always been said that one should consume eight 8-oz glasses of water each day. But that's a general statement, and while not necessarily a bad guideline, there are things that may shift such a need. For example, if you lead a particularly active lifestyle, you may need to consume...or, you may ultimately consume...more than that. If you workout regularly, you should be drinking regularly throughout your workouts. Make sense?

Remember that water comes from other sources, too. Think fruits and veggies, but it's not always easy to calculate just how much water you're getting from these sources, which is why you need to remain in-tune with your levels of thirst.

Once you're thirsty, it's already too late. Never let yourself get thirsty, and drinking water periodically throughout your day can help. Keeping a fancy schmancy water bottle like the above near to you serves as a reminder. And as we move into hotter temps (you might already be in them), it becomes even more important to follow this rule. Warm temperatures tend to dehydrate us, and staying hydrated ultimately helps our bodies stay cooler. So drink-drink-drink when the temperatures go high-high and higher.

Ultimately, water is like gas. Your car can't go without it, and therefore, your body can't go without water. What you do in the gym is just as important as what you do outside of it, so if you're staying hydrated throughout your workouts, be sure to extend that same courtesy to your body outside of your workouts.

Bottoms up, friends!

(I love it when I take a self portrait, and I can then see my camera in the lenses of my sunglasses. Geeze...)

Question: How do you keep yourself hydrated? Do you ever get sick of water? How do you combat this? 

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Elise said...

I never get sick of drinking water! It's my favorite beverage, I prefer eating fruits rather than drinking juices.

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