Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Aerobarre Workout

Ballet and boxing. Two completely different things, and yet—someone somewhere brought them together as one. I am intrigued by the following workout:

Perhaps it's the (sorta) ex-dancer within me. Perhaps it takes me back to college and high school, a time when kickboxing seemed to be all the rage. Either way, I love this workout for it's ability to combine tough, manly moves with graceful, soft moves that still serve to tone and tighten. Plus, (let's be honest) the girl's boots kick some serious ass (sorry, had to say it).

The above is what you might call an Aerobarre workout. Sounds crazy, but it's the brainchild of a pro-boxer and a ballet dancer. And it seems as though they've got an entire fitness studio in New York City (of course) based around this workout and a few others that they've developed. They push the idea that machines aren't a necessity in terms of good fitness, and I tend to agree with them. While I do use them from time to time with my clients and on my own, I actually prefer to do most of my work off of them. Anyone can work a machine—and anyone can easily cheat on a machine, too! But when you're moving your own bodyweight, jumping up and down or shuffling from side to side. Throwing punches here and there, or generally just dancing your way to better strength, well...it gets much harder to fudge the effort.

So take your workout off the machines. You can even forgo the weights. Step back for a minute (yes, right now) and do some burpees. Or try one of Zuzana's workouts. You'll get what I mean.

Let's move on.

In case you can't get enough of your Daily Dose (ha!), I am all too happy to report that I am writing for Blissfully Domestic again! If you haven't checked this site out, please do...it's rather great! Lots of informative information on a wide variety of topics, including Diet and Exercise, which is obviously the category I have been assigned. My first post is up. Let me know what you think! And be sure to "friend" Blissfully Domestic on Facebook to keep up with the latest and greatest the site has to offer. (You can also follow them on Twitter, if that's your thing.)

And now, I'd like to leave you with one little piece of advice. If you're headed out for a run today, or maybe a bike ride, whatever your exercise of choice, do it with all of your heart. Like this:

Just put a smile on your face and go. Go with everything you've got. Only then can you guarantee yourself a great sweat session. (Chasing a dog around a big backyard never gets old. Even if you do. I swear...time of my life!)

Oh, and I picked out my next book:

So far, it's so good. Let's hope it stays that way. Before I get to reading more of it, I have a day. Yoga, then a coupla clients and then...HOME INSPECTION! Cross your fingers that nothing major is discovered, and that it only puts us one step closer to being HOME OWNERS! (Can you tell I am excited?)

Question: How often do you use weight machines? Ever go through a home inspection, only to find that something major needed to be done before move-in? Wait...maybe I don't want to know the answer to that question. Ha!

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