Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am strong.

A few weeks ago, I posted a Saucony commercial that posed the following question: What is strong? I shared some thoughts which I am sure triggered some thoughts of your own. It's a loaded question, really. One that pertains to life both in and out of the gym, though many of us associated being strong with lifting weights and holding planks and whatnot.

I bring this up again in light of the following:

I ripped this image out of a magazine. I have no idea what magazine, nor do I remember in what context it was published. (The back side of the page doesn't give it away.) But I love it, and I honestly forgot about it until I sorted through a folder full of interesting articles I had been saving.

To me, this image speaks loudly not because of the text, but because said text is combined with the image of a woman—of a person—running. Whether she's running for exercise or for play is quite indistinguishable, which leaves the interpretation of the word "strong" up for grabs. Because, as we've discussed, "strong" has a variety of definitions. And I'm sure you have yours as it pertains to you.

Is she strong because she's on her 14th mile?
Is she strong because she's overcome a fear?
Is she strong because she's embraced her happiness?

We'll never know.
And that's the beauty of it.

Another beautiful thing? Big companies that give back in whatever way they can. 

It's no secret that I love grocery stores. I have two great options within five minutes of my home, and I love both of them equally. And now, I have a third option. Sadly, it isn't a Whole Foods or a Trader Joes—it's a Meijer. You might not know of this store if you live outside of the Midwest, but some liken it to Walmart in the sense that it offers a wide variety of items. And it's big. I welcome it to the neighborhood, and I thank it for not actually being a Walmart.

Anyways, back to giving back. Check out this display, found on an I'm-bored-let's-check-out-the-new-Meijer adventure:

So cute, right? I'm guessing you can't read the fine print, so here's a closeup:

Kids these days need to be reminded that fruit does not come in a little silver bag covered in pretty pictures of cartoon characters, nor is it shaped like said characters. Fruit is real, and it's readily available—and oh, so good! The entire display encourages this approach to healthy eating, and also inspires individuals to donate pocket change to their local children's miracle network, which I am guessing provides food and more to those in need.

Love it. Can't stop loving it.

Don't forget—I am announcing my Cocomama winner tomorrow! Check back.

Question: What's your favorite fruit? Veggie? And if you have kids, how do you get them to eat their fruits and veggies?

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