Thursday, May 12, 2011

A House and Hot Weather

They put a house on the market, we made an offer, they countered, we countered, they countered again—and then we accepted. Insert "sale pending" sign here. Hooray! Now, we just need the home inspection to go well. After which, we can start counting down the days until we get the keys to our very first house.

I'm already itching for a trip to Ikea.
Controlled excitement? No way.

So until then, I must go about my days as planned. Life does not stop when you decide to buy a house. Nope, it doesn't. If anything, it gets crazier. And apparently warmer if you live where I live. Yesterday's high: somewhere in the 80-degree range, that's for sure. It felt like summer, so I headed out for a walk about town with my bottle of water in hand and my heart rate monitor around my chest (and wrist).

Remember, as the temperatures rise, you need to be evermore conscious about your hydration when you exercise outside. Warm, humid air and a hot sun does not do a thirsty body any good. So pack the water as best you can. Promise?

Speaking of water, my feet needed a break from my running shoes so I stuck my toes in the lake.

For like two seconds. FREEZING! This is about as far into the lake I go. Even on the hottest of hot days. There's something about swimming in a big giant body of standing water that I can't agree with. I don't mind the ocean, maybe because it's warm, but this lake. No way. Barely ever. I like to spend my beach days on a towel with a good book, thank you. Slather me in sunscreen.

And surround me with flowers.

It's nice to see these beauties blooming about again. It makes a fast-paced walk much more enjoyable.

And after said walk, I plopped down at the nearest cafe to get some work done. I may have purchased something sinful:

Dark chocolate peanuts and almonds. SO. GOOD. I only bought (and ate) a few because I also had the last half of this treat to eat:

But since my bag had been in my car for the duration of my walk, it was Meltsville by the time I actually went to eat it.

I didn't really need the yogurt coating anyway. It was full of sugar, no spice and not a single thing nice. I don't typically purchase bars coated in yogurt, but I had never seen this particular bar before. I'll try anything...well, almost anything...once and this didn't disappoint. It tasted like what can only be described as a pomegranate Larabar. And there weren't too many crazy ingredients within. (I'm sure you can guess where the craziest of crazy ingredients resided.)

Anyways, so yesterday was good. I ended up getting a lot done in a short amount of time. Workout, work...and even some casual reading time.

Tina of Carrots 'n' Cake sent me her book to review, and so far I'm quite entertained by it. I will post an official book review upon completion. In the meantime, check out her blog!

Question: How do you stay hydrated when the temps heat up? And when you splurge on a tasty snack as I did yesterday, what is it?

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Laura K. said...

Yay, house!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth inspection!

Oh, and since I seriously love my snacks, one of my favs to splurge on is chocolate covered pretzels. Salty AND sweet? Heck yes.

Aly said...

Plan an IKEA trip this summer. I'm with you in a heartbeat! Do it.

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