Monday, May 2, 2011

Plank Jacks

Here's a bit of trivia for you: Jumping jacks were named after Jack LaLanne. You know, the guy who created the juicer I love so much. Do you like jumping jacks? They remind me of grade school soccer practices, but I totally use them in my Circuit Sculpt class. They keep people moving between strength exercises, which actually works to strengthen their cardiovascular systems. Try putting a set in between your next set of bicep curls. You'll see what I mean.

You could also try some plank jacks. Get yourself into a modified plank (forearms on the ground), and bounce your feet out to the side and back in again. Repeat 12 times, or go for 30 seconds. The key is to keep your hips toward the ground, always in line with your shoulders. I promise you it'll change the way you plank. Typical planks are so stationary, which is a good thing, but adding the jack ups the cardio.

Think it sounds crazy? Just remember, you can do anything. "I try to encourage you to do something you know you can do." Just like Sadie:

Yeah, do it.

Do the plank jacks.
You'll love them.

(I love that Sadie has a Coldplay poster in her room. Justin Bieber who?)

Question: How do you encourage yourself to do something when you think you can't do it?

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Hally Bell said...

That's almost as cute as the "I can do anything good" girl! lol, thanks!

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