Friday, June 24, 2011

We own a house!

I have keys to a house. That I own. And it fries my brain.

I own a house.

I finally own a house.

Sorry, WE own a house.

And...I'm sick of writing my name down. (Holy paperwork, Batman!)

Everything went quite smoothly this morning, we signed the papers and headed back to the house to walk through it again as the official homeowners. It felt good. It made me feel old, like an adult...though I'm not sure I'll ever give up acting like a kid. If you've ever met my parents, you know that acting like a kid is in my blood. And I mean that in the best possible, most fun way. I love my parents. They're friends, really. Never a dull, laugh-free moment.

Who wants to grow up, anyway? It's much more fun to be responsible while having tons 'o fun.

And that's just what we intend to do this weekend as we officially take over our new place of residence. Tonight, we finish up at the apartment by packing all the loose ends we've been using all week. Tomorrow, we clean the house. And on Sunday, well...let the fun begin! Sunday is move-in day and we've got our whole family coming down/up to help. Our intention is to get everything over there before lunch so that we can spend the afternoon enjoying the house and each other.

I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully. Our Internet is supposed to get switched over to the house on Monday, which means I should have access all weekend. Fingers crossed. And I apologize in advance, but this move is all-consuming which means that all thoughts of fitness are currently residing in the back of my head. You don't mind a little peak at my new life, do you?

Stick with me, I'll get back to fitness soon enough. 

Question: Do you remember what it was like to walk through the doors of your first home? Or the first apartment you ever rented on your own?

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Tammy said...

Oh, how I already love that fireplace. Cannot. Wait. To. See. It.

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