Thursday, June 16, 2011

It was an epic slow motion.


My poor little pink iPod is shattered to bits, and I have karma to blame. You see, on Sunday, I made fun of my dad for dropping and cracking is iPhone. And then on Tuesday, I dropped and cracked my iPod at the gym. It literally fell about a foot out of my hand and onto the floor. And that's where the cracking ensued. But it was one of those situations that took place in slow motion. I swear all the commotion around me sounded like slow-mo, too.  I saw my iPod wobble in my hand, I tried to correct the wobble while simultaneously realizing that the situation wasn't going to end well. And it obviously didn't.

One trip to the Apple store later and I've learned that it can't be fixed. Looks like I'm getting a new iPod at some point. Or maybe I'll take it up a notch and finally switch to the iPhone. Regardless, I have to have something—which is why I immediately took to the packing tape to secure all the bits and pieces. My little pink still works. For now. Which is good, given that I use it in all of the classes that I teach.

The reality of the situation, however, is that I won't be getting anything new anytime soon. I sit here right now crossing my fingers out of pure desperation and hope...hope that my currently working (but shattered) iPod continues to work until things settle down with the house.

One week, friends. ONE WEEK until we sign our lives away to our new home. We can't wait! Needless to say, life has been hectic. And messy...unorganized and, well...boxed like crazy.

I've said that before, though. Right?


At least my legs aren't sore anymore. I'm teaching Circuit in the morning. We won't be doing any walking lunges or dead lifts.

Or maybe we will.

Who says torture isn't fun?

Question: Are you a fan of P90X? Have you checked out any of the other Beachbody workouts? If so, which one(s) and what did you think of them? (I know, random question...I'm just curious!)

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