Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wait...what time is it?

Holy cow. My day is gone. Look at the time! It's way late and I'm just now posting. I'm not even sure it's worth it to post, except to say that sometimes your day can get the best of you. If you fail to accomplish certain things between sun up and sun down, it's alright. It happens. Just focus on the things you did accomplish, head to bed, and wake up with a renewed sense of "get-things-done."

Here's what I did today that prevented me from writing a solid post:

I had five clients today, and I taught one class. I also squeezed in 45 minutes of cardio. A run/walk.

I had just enough time to come home and shower (and pack a lunch).

Freelance! I'm doing some on-site writing. Yes, in an office. My old office! Love.

Dinner was a must, and we shared it with one of our really good friends. And I did laundry in-between conversations. I've perfected the art of multitasking. Sort of.

Which leaves me at my current moment. Ready for bed, but not ready to let a day go by without posting something. And so, here's your something. A short, but sweet, post that (once again) serves to highlight that we can't all be supermen and superwomen. We can't always get things done the way we want to. We are, after all, human. Tomorrow is always a new day, and with the dawn of that new day comes a renewed chance to live life to its fullest. To accomplish things you've always wanted to accomplish, to get yourself on the right path to health and fitness. To be the very person you are meant to be.

To get stuff done.

Don't ever forget that.

Question: Was there something you wanted to do today that you just didn't get to?

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