Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eat fresh!

Subway sure did hit the spot tonight. I can't even stop thinking about how good my sandwich was. And the best part? It was good for me. I got the Veggie Delight on wheat bread with Pepper Jack cheese and just about every vegetable behind the counter (except for those neon yellow peppers, ew) topped with a sprinkle of pepper and just a dollop...a small dollop of honey mustard dressing. SO. GOOD. So tasty. And proof that fast food doesn't have to be bad food.

Eat that McDonald's and Burger King.
Just eat it!

We spent Father's Day without our fathers, forgoing holiday hoopla for what proved to be a productive day of packing. We're pretty much down to the essentials, with the rest of our lives boxed up and ready for the big move. Just a few small things in the kitchen need to be boxed, and then there's all of our clothes and the computer. I even boxed up my shoe collection today, carefully writing "FRAGILE" on the box so that everyone would know to handle it with care. Hey, they're precious to me! (She says with a laugh...)

And so that Subway sandwich above, guessed it. We packed them into a cooler and headed down to the bluff. If you haven't caught on by now, this is how we typically end our Sundays. Bluffin' it with a packed dinner of some sort.

Mmmmm, Subway. I love you.

Today's highlights?

Chicken Satay, found in the June issue of Cooking Light. What I love about this magazine is that everything is (well, looks) so dang good...and it's usually pretty good for you, too. But the real lesson lies in the fact that you have to plan some downtime into your day just as much as you have to plan some fitness. Make sure, as crazy as life can be, that you give yourself time to do things that will relax the mind and soothe the body. For me, that usually involves reading a book or a magazine. Tonight, I gave myself a dose of both.

I'm still reading Run Like A Girl, and I can't wait to write my official book review. There's some good stuff within, and I think you'll like the quotes I'm bookmarking to share. Who doesn't love a good quote, right?

Who doesn't love a loud train passing by, right?

This was a long one, carrying loads of coal somewhere north of my little town.

Trains never cease to fascinate me. Have you ever taken a trip by train? I'm not talking a puddle-jumper to the next town over...I'm talking a cross-country, sleeper car type of trip. I've always wondered what that would be like.

It's Sunday night, which means I've got Circuit Sculpt in the morning.

Time to prep!
You, you know what your workout schedule is for the upcoming week? Make sure you have one!

Question: Do you have any Sunday traditions? We used to do Sunday sundaes, too. We stopped that tradition, thankfully.

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