Monday, June 6, 2011


I have this new, possibly unhealthy obsession with Vitamin Water. But not just any Vitamin has to be the stur-D flavor. That which combines blue agave with passion fruit and citrus, featuring a sleek sliver label.

Clearly I couldn't be bothered to leave any of this thirst-quenching deliciousness in the bottle. I bought it on Sunday at the gas station downtown, and finished the second serving today at lunch. It is, quite possibly, the third or fourth time in two weeks that I've stopped by the station for a bottle.

Why I don't normally drink Vitamin Water:
1) It gives me a stomach ache.
2) Too many preservatives and unknown additives.
3) Sugar, sugar and a lot more sugar make up the bulk of it.
4) These types of drinks can never compare to an ice cold glass of water.

And yet, here I am with my newfound obsession. It's really rather unlike me, but this stuff is good. It doesn't hurt my stomach, doesn't have a lot of sugars in it (9 grams per serving), but it does...and this is why I'm less than pleased with does have a lot of unknown additives. And really, it's only 5% juice. Proof:


Circuit Sculpt was particularly good this morning. I was completely wiped about two-thirds of the way through it, so I know the people in my class were feeling it, too. We got chairs out. And if you've never used a chair in your workouts...well, get ready to live.

Remember, do each circuit three times through before moving on to the next. Twelve repetitions of each exercise, each time. As for the cardio, I do one minute the first time through and then 30 seconds each additional time through the circuit. Whatever works for you, though.

Question: How do you incorporate chairs into your workouts, if at all? 

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