Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm back! Didja miss me?

Please accept my sincerest apologies for the missing posts. I blame it all on AT&T. And no, I won't get into it because I've just now finally gotten rid of all the anger and frustration. I'm thinking happy thoughts and (quite frankly) I don't want to stop! Life has been so good in the new house and we've only been here for three days! It feels good to come home to and wake up in a place that is ours. All ours. No rent checks, no crazy neighbors clomping up and down the stairs as if the stairs are not attached to anyone's wall. It's so...

...peaceful. Especially when the deer run around on the other side of the fence with their babies. So precious, and I will click a pic at some point. They're just so fast!

Anyways. We're getting settled, room by room. Of course the first room to get organized was the kitchen, because you cannot live happily without an organized place in which to prep your food. At least I can't. Messy kitchens drive me nutso! So far, ours is staying quite clean.

I haven't done any decorating yet, so it's still rather bare, but it functions quite nicely and I have proof in today's lunch. A veggie sandwich because, yes...sometimes it's acceptable to forgo the cold cuts. I just add hummus to up the protein content. I added some of these, too (although not for protein):

Radishes. I can't honestly say that I eat them all that frequently, but Jason's mom brought us a bunch this weekend and I'm never one to let fresh produce pass me by. Turns out, I like them! Hooray! And I guess they contain Vitamin C, which is always good to bring into your diet.

Back to my sandwich. Oh, man. Was it good!

Add a glass of lemonade and some fresh Michigan lunch ever. And I made it with random veggies. In fact, a veggie sandwich is the perfect way to use up all those leftover veggies. Trust me when I say that veggie sandwiches are good! You won't even miss the meat. Add a slice of Swiss, some hummus and honey mustard, season it with freshly ground pepper and some mixed spices...

...yum. I promise.

And if you use whole grain bread, it really ups the nutrition factor even more. Gotta get those healthy carbs! I know it sounds crazy, but you really do!

Quite frankly, this little beast set an awesome tone to my afternoon. You really can tell when you eat healthy. Dontcha think? We decided that, since we were on vacation, we should do as vacationers do. We dropped our efforts at the house and headed straight for the beach.

The sun felt so good. And midway through the afternoon, this peach tasted so good:

Don't forget about all that fresh fruit that's starting to pop up in your grocery stores and at your farmer's markets. It totally is Nature's candy. And it's oh, so good for you! The perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle, at least I think so.

Anyhoo, that's enough about today. As I sit here and type this, my husband is taking apart a big IKEA bookcase. It's the second time we've taken it apart, and I am really hoping it goes back together again without a hitch. Seriously, it's like my favorite thing in the whole world, but we can't get it into our office without taking it apart.

I better go help.

Question: What super healthy item(s) did you eat today?

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