Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I kicked my own butt in Circuit Sculpt on Monday. Yeah, literally. We did walking lunges, and I held 15-pound weights. We did single-leg dead lifts, and I held 15-pound weights. Three sets of 15 repetitions each, which I have done before but never to this effect. Perhaps it was the bouts of running in place with my feet both hip-width apart and wide-squat width.

It hurts to sit on the toilet.
It hurts to walk up stairs.
It hurts to stand up.

It hurts too much to get my camera out to take pretty and compelling pictures for this post.

I hurt. And oddly, I love it. I have a really, super hard time challenging my legs. I blame this on all those years of gymnastics and cheerleading, and all the running I do. In fact, I tried to run/walk this morning for 40 minutes. Great success, but I felt it. I'm still feeling it. So for the rest of this evening, I'm going to plant my butt on the couch. Well, after I paint my toenails.

Yeah, it's time to relax.
Tomorrow is a new day.

And hopefully I won't be sore.

Question: Do you like feeling sore? What muscle group do you have a hard time challenging?

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