Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday. Oh,'s Friday.

What. A. Week. Seriously...crazy. It's been awhile since I've worked over 40 hours, and I think I managed to do just that this week. Between the hours I put in at the gym, and the freelance work I did at my old agency, I seemed to have run around with my head cut off this week. And I think you noticed, given my sporadic posting schedule.

Unfortunately, I don't think that sporadic posting schedule is going to change anytime soon. We close on the house in exactly two weeks, which means we've got exactly two weeks to pack up our belongings and get all the financials in order, transfer magazine subscriptions and utilities, etc...etc. The list is a mile long. But I'm going my best to keep Daily Dose a part of that list. I'm vowing, at the very least, to say hello to you every single day. If that gets lame, I promise you that it won't last forever. Hang with me?


On that note, I have to share with you a photo of something I found during a recent packing spree.

It's my Cabbage Patch doll in her yellow sweatsuit and gym shoes! I don't think it's the outfit she came in, but I loved it the most which obviously helps to prove that I was a fitness fanatic at a very young age—ha! I mean, who wants to their doll to wear a shiny rockstar outfit (which I also had for her) when they can wear something comfy and suitable for movement? I've kept her in this outfit ever since, and I honestly don't think I even have any of the other outfits anymore.

Anyways. Back to packing...

Have a weekend!

Question: What's your earliest recollection of loving fitness?

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