Saturday, June 25, 2011

La Perla and La Clean House

Well, THAT was a full day! We cleaned the place from head to toe, wiping every nook and cranny in an effort to rid the place of its previous owners. Not that we disliked the previous owners, they turned out to be very nice, but we just wanted them out—so that we can finally call the place ours. You know, when we bring all of our stuff in. Because who wants to fill a dirty house, let's be honest.

I even bought a Swiffer for the occasion because the flooring is mostly wood or tile. I love my Swiffer. Almost as much as I love authentic Mexican food.

We broke for lunch and my husband took me to a place called La Perla. It's off the beaten path, and I can't believe this is the first time I've ever eaten there. Seriously, it's nothing more than a Mexican grocery store with a taco stand in the back. AND IT'S AWESOME. Proof:

Chicken tacos. Hold the cheese. And honestly, they took me back to Cozumel. They were that good. Oh, my gosh...I want more right now just thinking about them! I could have done without the sour cream, but...well, whatever. And if you think I'd eat Mexican food without guacamole, well then you obviously don't know me!

Good guac:

Great bill:

Really, it would have been less. They charged us twice for our drinks. But the beauty in that lies in the fact that they served bottled beverages. (Old school!) So we grabbed extras on the way out.

Speaking of "the way out", I'm about to head out of this day. It's been long, it's been fun, but it is most definitely time for bed. Another long day is ahead of us! The fams are coming down/up to move the rest of our junk on over to the new house. I hope to have my camera in hand the entire time. But we'll see how that goes.

Question: When you go "authentic," do you go Mexican? Italian? What?'s always Mexican first, Italian second. And then after that, perhaps some Polish.

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