Friday, June 3, 2011

MyPlate: The New Food Pyramid

Every so often, the United States Department of Agriculture revisits the recommendations it puts forth regarding the foods we should or should not be eating. The fruits of this labor (pardon the pun) are often represented by an eye-catching graphic that visually displays just how much of each food group we should be taking in on a daily basis. Most recently, the graphic and corresponding recommendations looked like this:

But that all changed this week. The USDA scrapped the pyramid for a plate.


Whether or not you think the government should be involved in our food choices is something you'll have to grapple with on your own, but in my honest opinion, I think they're on to something. What they propose with MyPlate is a logical approach to eating healthy. And I make that conclusion based on personal experience, along with all the research I've read in the past.

Here's a sample menu:

You can find more information on the USDA's MyPlate website, including more sample meal plans like the one you see above. Along with countless other resources to help you get started (or continue along) the path of healthy eating.

Question: What would you put on your MyPlate, if you had all the food in the world at your disposal?

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