Friday, August 3, 2012

Up to you.

Have you checked in with your fitness goals lately? No matter what they are, you are the only one that can meet (and eventually exceed) them. So when I ask if you've checked in, what I really want to know (what I want YOU to know) is whether or not you're being honest with yourself regarding your efforts toward achievement. For example:

Are you lifting the right amount of weight?
Are you getting enough cardio in combo with strength?
Are you giving up when the going gets tough?
Are you eating the right foods and drinking enough water?

No matter how hard you work in the gym, if you don't work correctly...efficiently...smartly, then you aren't helping yourself achieve your goals and any body transformations you hope to achieve will not be achieved.

So be honest with yourself. Be hard on yourself if you have to, but do so in a way that promotes tough love. Love yourself enough to push yourself. Because in the end, "you are entirely up to you."

Question: Tell me about a time when you caught yourself cheating at the gym, and what did you do to overcome that moment?

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