Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweaty Circuit

I love it when the studio is empty. When it's just me, Pandora and a sweaty circuit. This doesn't happen often because it only happens when I hit the gym at 5:30AM on Wednesday mornings. Lately, my Wednesdays have consisted of some high intensity cardio/core circuits at home in the basement while Hannah naps. But I've been missing my best friend... I got up and got in. BOSU and I, we like burpees with a shoulder press. Today, we even did some toe-taps.

Some clarifications:

BOSU Burpees with Overhead Shoulder Press
Leave out the pushup, you'll get those later on in the workout. Make the squat wide-legged.

Core Pendulum Swings
Lie flat on your back. Legs up and together, arms out to your side. Let the legs fall to the right, bring them back up and let them fall to the left. That's one repetition.

3-Pulse Squat Jumps
It goes like this: Half squat, half squat, half squat and jump.

Toe Taps
Aim for the center dot on the BOSU. Make 'em quick.

Lemme know if you try it. I'm always looking for feedback on my workouts. But please, use your best judgement. My fitness is different than yours, and you'll need to modify if need be.

In other news:

It's farm share day. I love farm share day. And this is only half of what's in the share (I split with someone, although I forgot to split the raspberries...ooops). Cantaloupe, kale and tomato made it onto my lunch plate.

Question: What did you eat for lunch today?

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Kelly said...

Leftovers from last night's dinner: roasted carrots and green beans + whole wheat pasta in a pesto sauce!

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