Friday, August 10, 2012

Goal List

I made something that I pinned on Pinterest. For real. I totally got out the glue stick and craft paper, an Exacto blade and a Sharpie. It was all crafty up in my kitchen for a good ten minute today while Hannah slept. I'm not even joking. Usually, I obsessively pin things and completely forget about them. But I remembered this one because it's right up my alley in a huge way.

I don't know about you, but I reign queen when it comes to making lists of things that need to be done today, tomorrow and five years from now. I make them and I ultimately get stressed and distracted by them. My lists contain goals, too. And items that need to be purchased. No matter the category, some of these things have been on my, lists...forever as I just can't seem to get to them. Or I ultimately lose the list, which means I forget what's actually on it.

This is why I pinned Rachel's rotating goal list. It keeps six important goals front and center. Six goals. Not 50. One list, not five:

Goal list? You might call it a "to-do" list. To-may-to, to-mah-to. It's the focal point of my productivity and a damn good piece of crafty craft action on the front of my 'fridge.

Don't worry, when Hannah is old enough to produce art, it will be replaced by said art. Maybe.

As you can see, I've outlined some goals for this weekend, including two runs. And I'll have you know that I've already checked one goal off the list:

Yummy peas for Hannah, please!
(I licked the spoon that put the peas in that container. Peas are good. Don't judge.)

Anyway. It was truly gratifying to remove a sticky note, only to find an empty square in its place. (So what if I replaced it with "wash floor" already.)

If you're like me and you need some help focusing sometimes, then this little project might be for you, too. You can use the list to:

A) outline household chores.
B) keep upcoming races front and center.
C) plan out your workouts.
D) remind yourself of mundane tasks that need to get done.
E) do all of the above.

Now, go...get crafty with yo' bad (and fit) self.

Question: What's the last thing you actually made, did our bought off Pinterest?

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