Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Burpee Treadmill Cardio Combo

I showed up at the gym today only to discover that my first client was on vacation. This I knew...this I forgot. So I decided to forgo my afternoon run for some indoor cardio. A combination of burpees and some treadmill running that had more than one person saying, "man...I haven't seen your face that red in a while!" My response: "I like to kick my own butt every once in a while." Here's what I did, in case you like to kick yours, too.

Some clarifications:

Dead Man Burpees
This is a normal burpee with a squat jump, except when you hit the pushup position, you need to flatten yourself to the ground and lift your arms and legs up before proceeding back to pushup position and beyond.

4-Minute Plank
Try and go the entire four minutes without breaking form.

Some humor, because burpees and treadmills can be evil:

someecards.com -

someecards.com - If you're on the treadmill next to me, the answer is yes, we are racing.

Question: Are you an exception to the "no one" rule above? 'Cuz honestly, I kind of like burpees.

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