Friday, August 31, 2012

#FoodiePenPals: Sweetness Hunter

Someone who hunts down sweets wherever she goes? Sounds like a blogger of my own heart. Ha! Y'all know I have a massive sweet tooth that rages out of control almost every day despite my greatest efforts otherwise, so when I assigned to Kathleen for this month's Foodie Pen Pals swap, I knew it would most likely be a match made in Heaven. Check out her blog—I did so quickly because she's got a variety of sweet recipes posted therein.

That's pretty much why I participate in the Foodie Pen Pal program. To meet new bloggers, albeit virtually. And, well...let's be honest. Getting a package of goodies isn't that bad of a deal, either. Here's what I got this month:

Let's just stop for a second and reflect on the attention to detail. The stickers rocked. As did her creativity with the box.

Unfortunately, it all got covered in barbecue sauce as the jar busted in transit.

I'm certain this wasn't Kathleen's fault. Make note, all you FPP peeps, whenever you send glass—send it in Ziploc bags, just in case! But Kathleen is awesome because she sent me another box with a new jar of sauce:

Complete with more stickers, of course.  Cupcake stickers, so cute.

We are certainly barbecue sauce people, typically Sweet Baby Ray's with a little Frank's mixed in. But we're never opposed to trying new things, which typically don't compare to our mixture. But this jar,'s good. Even the hubs liked it and we didn't mix in a single extra.

So glad she sent me this extra which, by now, is almost completely gone. The S'Mores mix didn't make it past the day I got it.

Not the healthiest, but certainly one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten. Then again, I'm not a hard sell when it comes to S'mores. (A'hem. Sweet tooth.) I am so glad she only sent me one serving.

Also included in the box: Two tubs of peanut butter, one infused with chocolate (love). Some corn chips and a bag of granola. All in all, a good month for this Foodie Pen Pal.

If you want to participate, here are the details:

And before I go, I  must wish my little sister a very happy birthday. She would never let me live it down if I forgot to. So, Alyssa...a very happy birthday to you!

Note: There's a very good chance I'm pinching her in this picture. It's how we do. We'll never grow up.

Like, ever.
Love her.


Kelly said...

Your note to your sister is so sweet! I have a younger brother but it makes me really happy that my 2 little girls will have each other. I hope they have a great relationship like yours!

adailydoseoffit said...

My sister and I had so much fun growing up...we still do. I swear, we drop in age whenever we're around each other :-) We're six years apart. So fun.

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