Monday, April 29, 2013

#ChiWomensHalf Training Update, Week 8

It's official: The mileage is increasing. Mom and I ran six miles on Saturday, and it's onward and upward to seven miles this coming weekend. I'm feeling highly motivated, most likely because the weather is extremely gorgeous right now, so it's a huge bummer that I'm sick. Yeah...sick. It could be allergies, but I'm guessing it's a virus of some sort because I'm also lacking in the energy department. My munchkin has bronchitis. Perhaps we're passing it back and forth. I mean, I cannot even count how many times I've been sneezed on over the past few days.

Anyway. I won't dwell on being sick.
We had a great week of running, my legs and I.

I added an extra mile and a half to my Thursday run because the legs were feeling good and the weather was the best its been in a long time. I ran one of my favorite paths downtown, but detoured a bit to swing by the husband's office for a quick "hello."

Speaking of favorite paths. Check this out:

Respect the running path, people! Seriously. I don't care if your little league parking lot is full. That does not give you permission to park on the running path. IT DOES NOT! I ended up having to push Hannah in the street for about 20 car lengths. Not safe! And why...someone explain to me why these people did not parallel park in the grass. Confession: I called the cops. I was nice about it, I don't think they ultimately did anything about it, but I called them anyway just in case they might. I mean, the city did pay to have this nice running path put in, I just thought maybe they'd want to know that cars were using it as a parking lot.

Getting off my plyo box now...

Question: Did you run this weekend? How far? See anything interesting along your path?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pinspiration Thursday

It's not often that I let an excuse get the best of my workout. I teach group fitness, so most of my workouts come from the actual classes that I teach. If I let the excuse win, I let down a room full of people. But when it comes to running, there is no group of people waiting for me to lead them. It's just me, the road and my desire to pound pavement. Accountability factor: Gone. But I'm training for a half marathon, so I cannot afford to let a single excuse win.

However, I'm not perfect. Stuff happens and I whip out the excuse card. Not frequently, but still. Typically, it has everything to do with time or fatigue. So here's a friendly reminder, both for myself and for you:

Simple enough, right?

Question: What excuse card do you play the most when it comes to missing workouts?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kale Guacamole

Before you wrinkle your nose at the very thought of kale and avocado all mushed up together, hear me out: I swear...double swear...that this is a delightfully delicious combination. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago when I hit up the new Whole Foods in my hometown. I love guacamole. I love kale. So the idea of the two together as one was intriguing. To me, at least.

Now, a single small tub of this stuff ran me about $5.00 at the store. I told myself I'd pay that much for guacamole just once because, I mean, check out the ingredients:

There just had to be a way for me to make this at home. Guacamole isn't hard to make. I could make and eat it all day. But to include the kale? Tricky? Easy? Turns out: Super easy. And honestly, you can hardly taste it. The kale adds just a touch of additional flavor this already delicious dish, plus a whole slew of nutritional benefits like fiber, calcium, vitamins, powerhouse.

Now, before I give you the recipe, let me share this one piece of guacamole advice: Use your food processor if you have one! I love me some hand-smashed, chunky guacamole. But let me tell you about the stuff that came out of my food processor: SO SMOOTH. Like whipped butter, but obviously better. And it pulled everything together in no time flat. This is key when you're incorporating kale, I think. It chops up the kale leaves nicely, incorporating them into the avocado quite easily. I'm not sure you can get this same effect by hand, but I didn't try it myself.

Anyway. The recipe. If you check the ingredients list above, I used everything but the tomatoes and the cilantro because (silly me) I forgot to buy them at the store. Verdict: Still delicious without those two things. Add (or eliminate) them if you want.

Inspired by: Whole Foods' Guac-Kale-Mole

• 2 Ripe avocados
• 4 Kale branches, leaves de-stemmed (stems discarded)
• 1 Jalapeno, de-seeded
• 1/4 Red onion
• 3 Cloves of garlic
• 1/2 Tsp salt
• Juice of half a small lime

1) Toss jalapeno and onion into your food processor and chop. Add avocados and process until smooth.

2) Massage the kale leaves to soften them up, then add them to your food processor. Process until smooth.

3) Add garlic, salt and lime juice. Process until smooth.

4) Serve!

Try not to eat it all at once. (Good luck!) Feel free to adjust the flavor by adding more or less of any of the above. With three garlic cloves, it was quite flavorful! But I do love me some garlic.

Don't forget to enter my Bare Fruit snacks giveaway!

Question: What two ingredients do you often combine that might sound like a funky combo but are actually quite tasty together?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sponsored Post: @BareFruit Snacks (#giveaway)

You know me and my need for awesome snacks, right? A girl on the go looks for health and portability when packing foods for later consumption. So when Bare Fruit offered up the chance to test out a case of their apple chips and dried fruits, I couldn't turn them down.

Let's be clear, though: Not only was I provided a case to test, I was compensated for this review. So if that bothers you, feel free to stop reading. But when I say that positive thoughts can't be purchased, I mean it. Which means you can trust absolutely everything you read below. Or right here: Bare Fruit snacks are good. I swear. I particularly love their dried fruits:

I love dried fruit, but it often comes loaded with sugar. And not just the natural sugars that can't be avoided whenever and wherever fruit is involved. I just don't get why some companies feel the need to add even more sugar to something that already has sugar. And don't even get me started on the dried fruit that is literally coated with sugar.


Such is not the case with Bare Fruit. It's plain as can be, made only with whatever sugar is already in the fruit. I pretty much chowed on the mango as soon as I saw it in the box, and I packed the apricots in my bag for consumption at work this morning.

Sweet tooth, you've been satisfied. Literally, the only ingredient listed is the fruit itself. Bare Fruit for the win.

Let's move from chewy to crunchy.

I love apple chips so much. They satisfy both my need to crunch and my sweet tooth, and they aren't always that bad for you (if you buy the right bag). And they also make eating apples a lot easier. Sometimes, let's face it, it's just easier to eat from a bag. Bare Fruit sent me three bags to try.

I was skeptical of all three, only because I wasn't sure how they could possibly taste differently. Sometimes, regardless of the variety, an apple just tastes like an apple—This is why I go through spurts with apples. I love them, and then I get bored with them. And then I love them again.

Currently, I'm loving them because 1) Bare Fruit sent me these awesome apple goodies, and 2) I got a sweet deal on some Fujis at my local grocery store.

Random fact: I have never, ever liked apple juice, though. It's unexplainable.

Back to the apple chips. Just like the dried fruits, the only ingredient listed on the bag is the apple itself. So here's my only complaint: The bags themselves don't really come with a lot of servings. So that might make this product a tad bit expensive. I opened the bag and thought it looked quite empty. Just with the chips, though. Not the dried fruits...those bags seemed quite full, actually.

Anyway. I served myself some apple chips right next to my favorite salad for lunch today. And, yes...they all tasted differently.


Find out for yourself: Head on over to the Bare Fruit page on Facebook and enter their giveaway, which is co-hosted by yours truly. One lucky winner will get their very own case of Bare Fruit products. This nifty little QR code will take you there, if that's your thing:

This contest ends on Friday, April 22, 2013. Bare Fruit will announce one winner on their Facebook page, and I'll duplicate that announcement here.

Question: What is your favorite variety of apple and how do you like to eat it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scenes from a 6-miler.

Another week of half marathon training, done and done! The legs are keeping up nicely, although I'm wondering if it might be time for some new shoes. I ran outside on Saturday and noticed some tension in my arches. It could have been the fact that I was running outside, though. On uneven ground. Who knows. All I can do is keep an eye on it. I don't think my shoes are worn out yet, so we'll see.

Speaking of seeing things, the weather has been so nice. Chilly, but nice enough to run outside. With six miles on tap for this weekend, I decided to run one of my favorite routes. It takes me through my little beach town, and I'm sure you can imagine  what that means for scenery. Since I run with my iPhone, I was able to snap a few shots. Behold, scenes from my 6-miler (some of which have been edited using the Camera+ and Picfx apps):

(So, no filter or anything on this one. I'm just loving the light. And the way it goes with the direction of the wind. Sometimes I get lucky like that...because usually, when I take pictures on a run, I use the snap-and-go method so as not to take up too much time.)

Question: What's the best scenery you get on your running route? Is it a lake, a statue...houses? Tell me.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sponsored Post: @Boxtera will send smart, tasty snacks right to your door.

It's been a busy month or two for A Daily Dose of Fit. A number of exciting brands have shared their products with me. Some did so because of my affiliation with FitFluential, LLC. Others did so because I reached out to them. When I do that, and when I share my opinions with you—that's a surefire sign that the product is good. Daily Dose is very precious to me, therefore, any product I talk about must be relevant, related and appropriate (among other things) because no matter what—this, what you're reading right's all a reflection of who I am, what I believe in and what I know. All of which is based on honesty and truth. 

Why am I telling you this? Just to remind you that, whether it's the only product I review all month or one in a series of reviews day after every day of the month, it's a review you can trust as my own. Even if I'm getting paid to provide it. My words can't be bought, but my thoughts can be paid for. If that makes sense. But you should know that Boxtera didn't pay me a cent to sponsor this review. In fact, I reached out to them because I had a strong feeling they'd be worth looking into. And they were...are, actually.

As an active gal, I am always looking for healthy snack options. Let's face it—it's hard to get through the day without a snack. But healthy snacks can be hard to come by, or hard to choose, given our society's penchant for the unhealthy, prepackaged stuff. But prepackaged stuff is so convenient, right? And it can be healthy if you pick right. That's why I like NatureBox. And most recently, Kona Kase.

The other reason I like them: They're sent to me. I don't have to pick them out, and I can trust that they're decent, healthy snack options. Boxtera is the same. You get up to 25 servings of healthy goodness in one box, on your doorstep every single month of your subscription.

I mean...right? When I opened the box, I sort of felt like someone had sent me a miniature grocery store. So many options! All of which are portable, which is key. It's not always easy to transport a bag of blueberries, or a cup of yogurt. And it's not like you can keep these things in your desk drawer for those panic-I'm-hungry moments. But you can certainly stash a Boxtera wherever you've got room, the contents of which will keep.

I took mine to work after a few days of at-home sampling. I'm at the gym all morning, every morning, with a few hours at night sprinkled here and there. Sometimes I forget to take a snack. Sometimes I don't think I'll be hungry, and then I am. Boxtera to the rescue.

Boxtera to the rescue if you're headed out to run errands with a baby, diaper bag and purse in-hand. Stash a snack for later and call it good...

...because it probably will be good. So far, so delicious on all the items in my box.


1) Value. Tons of snacks for as little as $30 a month, which is decent considering the cost of purchasing the same snacks in the store. Or the time it takes to prep a snack as you frantically rush out the door to your destination of choice.

2) Fun. 25 servings of healthy foods, most of which you've probably never had, delivered right to your door. It's like having a birthday or getting a visit from the Easter bunny once a month.

3) Health. It's so easy to grab a candy bar, right? Boxtera makes it easy to AVOID the candy bar by providing decent, prepackaged snacks that can be easily stashed and consumed at any given moment.


1) Price. You might not have the extra money for these types of subscription services. Boxtera is on the high end of things, but again, you get so many more snacks than your typical subscription service.

2) Diet. If you prescribe to a specific type of diet, like a vegetarian or gluten-free diet, or if you're allergic to certain things like peanuts or dairy, then this might not be a subscription service for you. It cannot be customized. 

But, obviously, the main reason you should purchase a subscription to Boxtera is because of the name. Clearly I am a fan (because my name is Tara). <—Ha!

For more information, feel free to check out Boxtera online, and on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Question: What is your favorite healthy pre-packaged snack?

Note: Once again, Boxtera did not pay me to sponsor this review. They sent me a free box to facilitate this review, and that's it. All opinions are, as always, my very own. I speak the truth! Because otherwise, sponsored reviews of any kind are just pointless, eh?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hip Abductions with a Band

My hips hate me. We did hip abductions with a band tied around our calf muscles in my Circuit Sculpt class on Monday morning. I showed some mercy to at least one of my students by choosing the band that   was tied really tightly. This is a decision that I have been regretting all week because I am just now capable of walking normally again. You might think that I'm joking or exaggerating. These hips don't lie, Shakira. They hurt. (Does anyone else wish they could dance like Shakira?)

If your head is spinning because you have no idea what exercise I am talking about, here's a visual:

And all you have to do is step to the side for a predetermined number of steps or distance, then repeat the process in the other direction. You can also step forward, backwards, diagonally...don't say I didn't warn you. That's all I'm sayin'.

In other news, these came into my life this week:

Instead of doing any continuing education this year, I've decided to completely switch certifications. The program I originally studied was ACE-based, and I could have taken the ACE test, but I made the decision to go with NATE based on test price. You probably haven't ever heard of NATE—National Association for Therapeutic Exercise. It taught me everything I need to know and then some, but it's small. And I've had problems in the past on the back end of things with getting updated paperwork, etc. Not that I can't handle that, really. But push came to shove when my employer offered me my current position, that of Fitness Director.

Long story short, they offered to help me get the ACE certification I always wanted. And I couldn't be more grateful. Except, I have to study. Again. Because I am certain there are areas in which I could use some refreshing. And I'm sure things have changed.

So, here we go again.
I've got six months to schedule that exam...

...'spose I should get off the Internet and do some studying before Hannah wakes up. (In my defense, it's rainy and cold up here in Michigan. Basically, the type of day that lends itself to doing nothing. And by "doing nothing," I mean Interneting. Ugh.)

Question: Any ACE certified personal trainers out there? Introduce yourself!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Run for Boston (#runforboston)

"Does this make you nervous about your half now," he asked me, "I mean, all those people..." And he's right. Now, not only do I have to be nervous about actually running a good 13 miles, I have to be nervous about what could be waiting for me at the finish line. No one should ever have to worry about danger at the end of a glorious event. Yet, that is the world we live in now., it doesn't make me nervous. I won't let it. It just makes me sad, really. My running shoes...heavy for Boston. For the runners who trained their hearts out for perhaps the best of all marathons. For the spectators taking time out of their days to provide smiling faces and words of encouragement along the way.

It wasn't supposed to end like that.
Nothing is ever supposed to end like that.

So what do we do?
What CAN we do?
And HOW do we do it?

We just do. We lace up. We run.

We keep on, heads high, paces fast. We can't be stopped.
Not by bombs, not by broken limbs, and certainly not by broken hearts.

These things, they make us stronger.

They have to make us stronger.

Because if we sit stagnant in the glow of weakness, well...they win. Whomever they may be.

And they can't win. Not this one. Certainly not any one.
So, for Boston. Run for peace, love and happiness everywhere.

Run because you can, no matter the distance. No matter the day.
Run because you live. Because you love.

Just run.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

#ChiWomensHalf Training Update, Week 6 (and a @KonaKase discount code for you)

Week 6 of my half marathon training plan is done. And it was quite uneventful, although I did snag an outside run. In the rain. Catch this photo on Instagram?

I ended up running Sunday's five-miler in the gym on Saturday morning. Although I should most definitely have done it outside. I don't know why I didn't, to be honest. It was cold out, but not raining. Honestly, I was too lazy to go back inside and change out of my shorts and into my running pants, so I just kept on my way to the gym. Stupid me.

I split five miles between the treadmill and the track. Three on the treadmill, two on the track. I totally did not have the attention span for inside running this weekend. Maybe it's because I really should have been outside. Not inside:

Clearly I was not a happy runner.

Anyway, it's done.
Another successful week of running in the books.

Here's to increasing my long distance to six miles.
There's no way I can do six miles inside.
It better be nice next weekend.

Note: The following content is sponsored by Kona Kase. As a FitFluential Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to review the March box of goodies. (Feel free to stop reading if you don't like sponsored content.) I was not paid to provide my opinions, which are all (obviously) my own. That said, let's continue (or not, if you don't want to)...

One thing I have to be really careful about when I'm training—my hunger levels. They tend to skyrocket because of the added cardio. Last time I trained for a half marathon, I ate far too much Nutella (because I was living at home and my parents always have it in the cupboard). I didn't gain horrendous amounts of weight, but I did gain just a bit (because my wedding dress was a tad tighter than it should be—I got married a few short weeks after the race.) So because of this, I've learned that pre- and post-run nutrition is really key. Good fuel gives the body what it needs to perform. And, obviously, it helps it recover.

I keep a lot of fruit in the kitchen, and carbs that are as clean as can be. Obviously there's a ton of protein options around, too. But I don't always have the time to put something together for myself. I typically train in the morning, which has me rushing out the door and then rushing back in the door so that I can get myself cleaned up, get my daughter up and then get myself back to work.

Long story short: I need quick snacks, so the packaged stuff—if it's good—can really help me out in a pinch. Enter Kona Kase.

I loved everything in it.

For just $15, you get one box filled with eight healthy snacks to fuel your workouts and/or healthy lifestyle. That makes each item less than $2—reasonable, right? If you sign up for more than one month, the monthly fee gets even cheaper. (And yes, shipping is free.)

Not convinced? Just wanna try it once before you totally commit to a subscription? Use code ADDOF at checkout to get 50% off one month. That's, um...$7.50 for eight healthy snacks. Pretty cheap, right? And you can cancel your subscription at any time, so you can totally cancel after you get your first month on the discount if you think it's not for you.

Anyway, that's my deal for you today.

Oh, and these three people get a sweet deal, too (i.e. free Green Mountain Coffee).

Don't their coffee choices sound so great?

Question: What is your favorite post-run/post-workout snack?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

There's a Whole Foods in my neighborhood.

I said that I would stay away for a few weeks. That I'd let the hoopla die down a bit. But I don't think anyone believed me, including myself. I had to go. I've been sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the doors to open since, probably when I first heard that Whole Foods would be coming to my hometown.

I no longer live in my hometown, but I'm a short (and totally drivable) distance away. In case you're wondering, I lasted two days before I decided to make that drive. Whole Foods Mishawaka opened on Wednesday, and I went yesterday afternoon.

Seriously, though. It was too busy to take many pictures inside the place. I didn't want to be the weirdo walking around the store with a camera, bumping into anyone and everything. (Turns out, I did enough of that without my camera—so crowded.) And I certainly didn't want to miss what the place had to offer. But I did snap a few shots with my iPhone, which you might have already seen on Instagram.

Is there a better "candy" aisle?

"I'll take a Buffalo and Blue Cheese chicken burger and a Garden Vegetable turkey burger, and one Italian turkey meatball. Please, and thank you."

I turned the meatball into a little burger for Hannah. Gosh, it was all so good. Also good:

Guac-kale-mole. Holy. Wow. Please buy this if you venture to the store in the future. I don't know if they carry it in all Whole Foods or what, but the stuff is dynamite. You really can't even taste the kale. Needless to say, I bought some kale and a few avocados at the grocery store today. I can't imagine it's hard to recreate because, obviously, the tub I bought is already empty.

Moving on (to distract you from the fact that I pigged out on guac).
Here's a look at everything else I bought (in case you care):

And the purchase that I'm the most excited about:

It smells SO GOOD.

Back tomorrow with the Green Mountain Coffee winners and a Chicago Women's Half Marathon training update. Get excited.

Question: What is your favorite thing to buy at Whole Foods?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pinspiration Thursday: Focus on today.

I'm an incessant planner. I have this need to be in control at all times. Not in an obsessive, mean-girl way. I just like to know what's happening next and I like to be prepared for it. My husband jokes that he's not allowed to surprise me. One time, he tried to scoop me away for the weekend and I got really stressed about what to pack, and then I stressed out about having everything that I'd need. I was ultimately fine, but still. I'm a girl. I like to plan my outfits.

I like to plan ahead.

I know this can be a problem. Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in what's to come that I forget about what's already right before me. I am slowly...slowly learning that life can't always be planned down to the minute. Because when you do that, you lost the minutes that are taking place right in front of you.

I don't want to lose minutes. Not one single precious minute.

They're mine and I want all of them. And I want to share them with everyone around me. Hannah is teaching me how important this is. She's my baby, but not really. She's a toddler, growing up ever so quickly right before my eyes. If I focus on tomorrow...if I try to plan too much of tomorrow...I'll miss what's happening today.

I don't want to miss any second of that precious little lady's life. I just don't.

So I'm working on living in the present with just a handful of thoughts on tomorrow. Because you can't really, totally forget about tomorrow.

Tomorrow will always come, but today will never come back.

Question: How do you help yourself live in the moment?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Leg Day Workout

My legs and I, we are totally getting along right now. It might be all the running. Or maybe it's the Spinning. I really cannot attribute it to one thing. I don't have a leg day. My teaching schedule at the gym just doesn't allow me to train like that. But I used to, and leg day was always my favorite. And I still love every leg exercise I do in my classes. Lately, though...I am totally infatuated with the lunge/hop combo (Butt and Thigh Blast) I shared a few days ago.'s so good. My legs SCREAM after three sets of 15. Literally, they quiver. 

So anyway, if you like to train by body part, here's a leg day workout you can try. And yes, it includes the aforementioned lunge/hop. Have at it, and let me know how it goes:

Question: What is your favorite muscle group to work? And what's your favorite way to work that muscle group?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sponsored Post: @GreenMtnCoffee Wellness Collection (#giveaway)

I have such a great relationship with my Keurig. Before we came together, my Keurig and I, there was a little 4-cup coffee maker in my life...I never used it. I was too lazy to make a pot of coffee that I knew I'd ultimately never drink, and I love coffee shops. But these days, thanks to my Keurig, it doesn't matter if I'm feeling lazy, or if I can't get to the coffee shop. I can have a nice, warm cup of coffee in no time flat. And a delicious one, too. But, no...I don't guzzle it down every day. Just once, maybe thrice a week at best. I'm not addicted to coffee, I just enjoy it. And I get that it's good for me in small doses. There's the whole antioxidant thing. And the mineral thing. And, thanks to Green Mountain's Wellness Collection, the vitamin thing.

Green Mountain contacted me and asked if I might like to try their new Wellness Collection. I said "yes" because 1) I geek out over all things "wellness," and B) I'd get to use them in my Keurig. So here's what they sent me:

One fancy coffee cup and a selection of K-Cups from the Wellness Collection. Their theory behind the wellness collection? That we might forget to take our vitamins, but we rarely forget to drink our cups of coffee in the morning. Or tea...maybe even some juice, if that's more your thing. So do you take a vitamin every day? I take a multivitamin. When I remember. Theory proven. So anyway, I started my tasting adventure with the Antioxidant blend to up my intake of Vitamins C and E. 

Let's review: Vitamin C is known for boosting our immune system, while Vitamin E is known for protecting us from toxins. Among other things, of course. Verdict: Not really my favorite. I'm more of a light-roast type of girl. If you like a medium roast, I'm sure you'd love the above. It's kind of how I felt about the Focus blend, too. Although, truth be told, it smelled so good to me:

As did the tea, but I really liked the tea.

I mean, what's not to love about blackberry pomegranate green tea? Especially when it's got an extra boost of antioxidants: 20% DV of antioxidant Vitamin C and 162mg flavonoid antioxidants per 8 fl. oz. serving, according to the website. Oh, and this was the first cup of tea that I brewed in my Keurig. Gosh, it simplifies the process. No more messy tea bags all over the counter! Hip hip, hooray!

And since there's a first time for EVERYTHING, let's also talk about the first over-ice beverage I brewed in my Keurig:

Holy sweetness! One can't expect anything less from something that's strawberry-pomegranate based, right? Like the Antioxidant blend, it's got a hefty dose of Vitamin C in it. Now, this over-ice beverage also comes in an Acai Berry flavor but I was not sent it to review, so I can't speak for its deliciousness. Although I imagine it's good. Isn't acai berry always good? Hm.

You be the judge...if you're lucky. 

Green Mountain would like to offer THREE Daily Dose readers a prize pack much like the one I received. You'll get the same coffee cup I got, plus three K-Cups of each beverage in the Wellness Collection. Sweet, right? Here's how to enter:

1) Describe your perfect cup of coffee in the comments section below. 
2) Bonus points if you leave an extra comment with your favorite K-Cup.

You can also gain an entry by following Daily Dose on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Please leave a separate comment for each thing that you do.

Oh, and—follow Green Mountain on Facebook and Twitter for even more chances to win! Again, separate comments below.

Contest open to residents of the USA (I sincerely apologize to everyone else) through Friday, April 12, 2013 at Midnight EST. Three winners will be announced on Sunday, April 14, 2013.

Note: This is a sponsored post. Green Mountain Coffee provided me with all of the above to facilitate this review. I was not compensated. All opinions are my own, obviously.


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