Monday, August 27, 2012

A pain in my neck...and back.

Unfortunately, I am not using this saying figuratively. All is literal when I say that I have a pain in my neck. And seriously, I'm so annoyed. I very rarely feel injured in any way, so when I do, it's like the end of the world. I'm not even joking. Pain is so annoying.

But I don't think the origin of my pain is in my neck. Rather, I think it lies somewhere in my trapezius. The middle of my trapezius, to be specific. And that's the beauty of the back. It doesn't matter where you hurt yourself, you'll most likely feel it elsewhere, too.

Just to confirm my trap suspicions, I pulled out the 'ol ACE study guide.

Suspicions somewhat confirmed. Then again, I'm no doctor, so I'm confirming based on my own knowledge of the muscles and how they move. And where I feel it the most.

Given that the middle trapezius is connected to the upper trapezius, it explains the pain in my neck. And the pain between my shoulder blades.

I think.
That's what I'm going with, anyway.

Saturday: I was sore from Friday's class.
Sunday: I was really tight in between my shoulder blades.
Today: I got down for 20 pushups in class and felt a sharp pain during the first three reps.

I should have stopped there, perhaps, but the pain dulled to a tight sensation that just felt as if a kink needed to be worked out. And I thought I could do just that, but by the end of my class, I was sore again. Super sore.

And here I sit. Telling you about it.

What have I done so far?

Well, holding my daughter in my left arm probably isn't helping my situation, let's be honest.

I stretched after class which seemed to help a little. And when I took a shower, I set the shower head to a pressurized bolt of water. <—Don't even get me started on how good that felt in between the shoulder blades. After that, I turned to this:

It did nothing. It never does anything for me, so I'm not even sure why I bothered except that desperate times call for desperate measures. Or whatever.

When I got back to the gym for some training sessions, I did some foam rolling which felt really good. And that's where I'm at right now. I'd pop some Motrin, but I hate popping anything more than a daily vitamin. The plan is to keep stretching, keep moving to, well...keep it loose. Good thing is, I don't have to strength train tomorrow. It's a cardio day, which shouldn't be too bad on the 'ol trap.

Lesson of the day: Sometimes the body gives in to all the physical pressure we put it through. It's normal, we're human. But to help prevent injuries that are even worse than a bit of soreness, we need to always...ALWAYS...stay in tune with our bodies. It's perfectly normal to push, but you shouldn't ever push too hard. Pull back when the going gets too tough, and take care when the body asks for it (as mine is doing right now).

Question: What injuries are you working through, if any?


YumYucky said...

I feel your pain... literally. I was hit by a car once (not recommended), and had a muscle injury to that same area that nagging you. Almost a full year of physical therapy and I was still hurting. It wasn't until I started doing Yoga (helloooo forwards bends!) on a regular basis that the pain was gone for good. I also once nursed myself back from a rotator cuff injury. It took almost a year to become pain free and re-gain the ability to lift my arm all the way, but I chose the self-healing route because I didn't fee like dealing with the physical therapists again. (omg, this is a looong comment. whoops!)

adailydoseoffit said...

Love long comments, no worries. I'm hoping this isn't a huge problem, just a nagging...overuse thing that'll go away with some nursing. I thought about taking a yoga class tomorrow, but worried it might be too much. Might have to rethink that now!

pluvk said...

Ouch to the comment above! That's amazing that you could work through those pains and injuries through yoga. I keep hearing how yoga can help, and it makes me reconsider the practice! I've never suffered a serious injury, but I get really sore and tight muscles. Something is sore almost every day!

eiren said...

Have you ever tried Kinesio Tape?? It's a miracle! You tape in certain directions with a specific type of tape. I have thrown my back out numerous times and have had aches and pains, taped it, and no pain! You can buy some online or in sports stores, even wallgreens sells some! Youtube it! It's amazing!!

Timmy said...

Have you thought about going to a chiropractor?

J said...

I have the same ache now, taking ibup. because I work lifting and carrying at nights and the ache zaps my energy. Right now I'm doing back stretches and rolling on a ball to work out the knots. Chi gung to move energy and open the channels. If all this fails, going to my acupuncturist, which heals me in one session, but I'm trying to work on healing myself.

Shan Salas said...

Absolutely right!
Our body has its limitations, so we should never work too hard than
what it can handle. Anyway, after all the tension your muscles
endured, I think it deserves some pampering this time. A day at the
spa will renew your strength, or get a chiropractic massage instead,
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