Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How to Build a HIIT Workout

What a day! I teach a 6:00AM HIIT class on Wednesday mornings, and today, I also subbed a 60-minute Spinning class. I don't normally bust out two major workouts in one day, but when you're the fitness director and coverage can't be found, you have to step up. So I stepped up. Two workouts, one day. And now I'm tired. But that's not a complaint because I absolutely love my job and my gym.

Today, inspired by my morning class, I want to talk about building a HIIT workout. If you're a fitness professional, this might be old news. But if you're an average awesome person who wants an at-home workout, hopefully I can help. Here's what we did this morning, which you can use (and then I'll break it down so you can build your own HIIT workout):

Take this high intensity interval workout with you to the gym. You'll work all your major muscle groups while increasing your heart rate.
Note: High intensity interval training is not for everyone. Please check with your doctor before you try anything new at the gym. If you give it a go, please listen to your body. While I am a certified fitness professional, I don't know you and thus cannot say whether or not this type of exercise is right for you. You get it, right?

Hight intensity interval training, at it's core, is a kick-butt type of workout that really challenges your muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. It can take on many shapes and forms, but in this case, for purposes of this post, we're going to focus on timed bouts of work, followed by brief breaks for rest.

To help you out as we break it down, I've put together this little worksheet. By the end of this post, you'll be able to fill in the blanks for your very own 30-minute HIIT workout:

Make a high intensity interval workout for your next trip to the gym. This worksheet will guide you.
I'll even tell you how to make it a 60-minute HIIT workout.
But, first thing's first.

How to Build a HIIT Workout

1) The Warmup
Theoretically, you could just jump right into your workout. And some people do. But—promise me you won't. A decent warmup gets your body ready for work. Cold muscles heat up. Oxygen flows to and through every system. Literally, you say "alright, body...let's do this." And it will respond. How long you warm up depends on how you feel, but I recommend at least five minutes. Preferably more, but when you're crunched for time, shoot for at least five. Good warmup ideas include:

• Running/Walking
• Jumping Rope
• Jumping Jacks
• [Insert cardio equipment of choice here]
• High Knees/Butt Kickers

Length of time? At least five minutes. Or break it down: 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off (during which you can shake your arms out to keep moving while you warm up your shoulders and arms).

2) HIIT Exercises (...and how to choose them)
Time for the guts of your workout. This is where you really have to think about what you're doing. Sounds daunting and hard, but it's really not. Think about your major muscle groups with a general perspective: You want to work your legs, your back, your chest, arms and abs, too. You also want to get some cardio in your HIIT workout. So what exercises will do that? As you can see in the worksheet above, you can hit (pardon the pun) all of these major muscle groups in five exercises.

Again, 45 seconds on...15 seconds of rest in between. This is how you keep your heart rate up. This is what makes it high intensity. And this is what you'll repeat three times through. (Note: If you want to make it a 60-minute workout, create two circuits, giving yourself a small break in between.) 

Now, where to find those exercises? Here are some potential sources:

Pinterest: Search "lower body exercises" or "HIIT exercises" or...well, whatever you want.
Greatist: This website curates a lot of exercise roundups.
• YouTube: Follow ACE, they always post great stuff.
• Blogs: Especially blogs that are written by fitness professionals (ahem).
• Magazines: I'm still obsessed with Oxygen.
• People at the gym, including the professionals. Spy on them, seriously.

Things to consider when you organize your workout:

• Whether or not you've hit all your muscle groups.
• Appropriateness of the exercises themselves with regards to your level of fitness.
• Whether or not you have access to any available equipment.

You might be thinking this: "But how do I know if it's right? Or if it'll work? How do fitness professionals know that the workouts they create are actually going to be awesome?"

Answer: The best you can do is, well...your best with regards to your own safety and physical needs. Then, try out your workout! At the end, make note of anything that works or doesn't work so you an adjust and progress accordingly next time around. As for fitness professionals and how they know whether or not their workouts will be awesome...well, we don't. We just use our knowledge and education to get damn close (and then we hope for the best).

3) The Cooldown
And here we are at the most important part of your workout. Especially when it comes to a HIIT workout. HIIT workouts elevate the heart rate, and it's very important to bring that heart rate back down again. If it's pumping especially hard, take some time to walk it out. Then, take some time to stretch. Traditional stretching, as in, hold a pose for 20-30 seconds without bouncing. Or do some easy yoga flow to stretch your muscles. However you like to stretch, do that.

No clue how to stretch? See "where to find those exercises" above.
Also good places to find ways to stretch your muscles.

4) Equipment
The very last thing you need to think about. What equipment do you have on hand? If you're at a gym, your options might be endless so maybe you don't need to think about this first. But if you're working out at home or somewhere else where your options are limited, lay out those options first and foremost. This will automatically eliminate a few exercise options, thus making it easier for you to build your workout.

Two pieces of equipment you will always need: A timer and a water bottle. #donteverforgetthese

Now, go. Have fun with your HIIT workout!
Any questions? I'm always here for you: tara (at) adailydoseoffit (dot) com.

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Question: How do you feel about building your own workouts? Where do you go for exercise ideas?

Monday, January 25, 2016

My new favorite running accessory: The @noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest

You guys. I got a Noxgear Tracer360 visibility vest for Christmas. It's totally awesome and keeps me safe when I'm running in the dark—it's always dark out when I go running with my running group on Saturday mornings. And I hate running in the dark. But thankfully, I run with some really smart people who like to light up the night with various forms of running safety gear. And now I can be one of them!

Running accessories
To date, I've just been sandwiching myself in between my friends. But there have been times when the pack has separated a bit and I've found myself slightly alone in the dark, despite being just a few feet away from the nearest person. One day, another runner showed up with the Tracer360 vest and I, was one of those things that I knew I needed to have because 1) it's so cool, and 2) it's the perfect solution for enhanced visibility when you're running.

Noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest
It retails at $69.95, , so it's a bit more expensive than your average reflective construction vest or head lamp, but it's worth every single penny because it's literally a light-up party in vest form. Check this out:

Note: It's definitely beyond Kickstarter at this point...old video. Check out the website!

This vest could literally save your life.
Plus, it fits like a glove:

Seriously, you can't even feel the Noxgear Tracer360 visibility vest when you're wearing it. I don't want to feel anything on me when I'm running (which is also why I use a FlipBelt). There are bigger things to think about than your gear moving and shifting ever so annoyingly, right?

Here's what you need to know:

Three (3) AAA batteries provide up to 40 hours of illuminated, safer running. So basically, that's a ton of training time, and since the batteries are AAA, they can be easily and cheaply replaced when they run out.

You'll be seen from every single direction. Hence, the "360" aspect of the Tracer360. LED lights create various colors and pulse in different patterns to illuminate you. Seriously, you can't be missed when you're wearing this vest. It's like a running party, for real. See video above.

It fits perfectly, and can be easily adjusted. There are three different sizes, and the size chart doesn't lie. It's so lightweight that you'll forget that you are even wearing it. Unless you make the lights flash—party!

It's water and sweat resistant. Because every running accessory should be, right?

Basically, if you like to run in the dark, you need to get a Noxgear Tracer360 visibility vest. It's the coolest running vest I've ever seen. It won't necessarily light up the road, so if you run on streets that aren't comfortably illuminated by houses or street lights, then you will still need your head lamp to avoid pits, pots and cracks. But it can very easily replace your light-up knuckles or armbands or whatever it is that you use.

Y'all know you should be using something and/or running with someone that does, right?
Safety first, friends! Seriously, be safe. And gear aside, always make sure someone knows where you're going, OK?

Oh, and I see on their site that they make essentially the same thing for doggies, too. I don't have a dog, but if I did, it would have a LightHound. Because running dogs deserve the best accessories, too.

Question: Do you like running in the dark? If so, how do you keep yourself visible and safe?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

#linklove: Good Reads from Around the Internet, January 2016

Oh, hey. It's Sunday! One more day until we start that whole week thing all over again. Are you relaxing? If so, here's a list of links you might find interesting.

1) Want more time and energy? Then you need to implement these 10 simple habits.

2) Hey bloggers, do you feel like you've lost your blog soul? Find it with these tips.

3) Are you married? Then you need to read this. It's the truth about marriage.

4) I am a girl who runs. Are you?

5) Big fan of Instagram? Me, too. Here are the most popular fitness hashtags.

6) I'm adding flying lizard to my list of balance poses I want to master.

7) I want to make this motivating essential oil mist.

8) Totally gonna explore all these fitness clothing brands that aren't Lululemon!

9) OK, these treadmill exercises are nowhere near boring.

10) Hate running in the cold? This list will change your mind.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Easy Ways To Fill Your Day With Health And Wellness #KohlsFit

Disclaimer: The following post is sponsored by Kohl's. Despite compensation, all opinions are my own as they always are. 

When you think about health and wellness, two things probably come to mind: Diet and exercise. While these two things are very important, they're just the beginning. Creating a healthy life and meeting health and fitness goals is truly a never-ending journey that requires a multitude of actions from a variety of different directions. That might sound daunting and impossible, but it really isn't. Eat right, exercise and surround yourself with things that make health and wellness easy to achieve. Simple, right?

Let's talk about that last statement: "Surround yourself with things that make health and wellness easy to achieve." Specifically, let's talk about four simple things you can do from dawn to dusk that will infuse greater health and wellness into your day.

Good health is about diet and exercise...and living a healthy, wellness-based life. Here are some tips to stay healthy.
1) Wake up to an easy, healthy breakfast.
I truly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but so many people hate it. Probably because mornings are prone to madness and mayhem. There's just no time! Really, though...there is, and plenty of it. Search Pinterest and you'll find a variety of easy breakfast recipes. My personal favorite: The smoothie.

Easy Ways to Fill Your Day with Health and Wellness
We have a Ninja blender with single-serve cups and it rocks my morning routine. I can literally blend and go, which is incredibly awesome and convenient. (Side note: Make sure your kitchen is stocked with tools that make meal prep super easy. Seriously, it makes a difference.)

2) Put motivation where you'll see it.
I am a huge fan of motivational quotes. Especially when you can wear them. If you follow me on Instagram, you've no doubt seen my obsession with Momentum Jewelry. And bracelets. I just added this "I Am" bracelet by Stella Valle to my collection:

Easy Ways to Fill Your Day with Health and Wellness

Whenever I look at my watch (also a motivational activity tracker) I see this quote: I am...strong, confident, courageous, passionate. And I believe it. But if bracelets and watches aren't your thing, maybe a page-a-day will work. Or some artwork on your desk. Find something, plant it somewhere you'll see it, and then believe it every time you do.

3) Find time to pamper yourself.
This may sound like a silly tip, but it really works. There's a reason the spa industry is so popular, right? It's also expensive and not always accessible. So pamper yourself at home. Splurge on your favorite lotions and/or soaps. I shower at the gym a lot, so I bought this bliss Lemon + Sage Travel-Sized Gift Set for my gym bag:

 Easy Ways to Fill Your Day with Health and Wellness
What could be a rushed, uncomfortable shower in a public environment is now relaxing and supremely refreshing. Long story short: A positive, feel-good state of being keeps you happy, and when you're happy, you're ultimately ready to take on the world. And "the world" in this case can be your health and wellness goals.

But, you can't take on those goals if you don't get enough sleep.

4) Make your bed the best place in your house. 
Sleep isn't about rest. It's about giving your body the time it needs to completely rejuvenate itself. When you are asleep, your body is repairing damaged cells, ultimately working to restore it's ability to function as it should. Sleep deficiencies can contribute to certain risks, too. Like high blood pressure, kidney disease, etc. So make sure you love your bed because if you don't, you won't get good sleep.

Easy Ways to Fill Your Day with Health and Wellness
Easy fix? A new pillow. I also keep the Sleep blend from 21 Drops in my nightstand. It seems to help on those nights when my body is ready for bed but my brain isn't. You know what that feels like, right? #suckssobad

Long story short, your day is yours to do with as you please, but if you have grand health and wellness goals, you should really take stock of your environment. What do you need to keep yourself on track? Are you giving yourself the tools you need to succeed? It's really not hard to figure out what those tools are. We all have wish lists. We all have dreams. Combining them into one makes for a complete story, and one that's hopefully filled with great success.

My friends at Kohl's helped me with some of the products above. Admittedly, the blender was one such tool/wish list item. (Seriously, our old blender was cracked and clunky.) And guess what? They're willing to help you out, too. Whether you want to implement some of the above, or perhaps purchase a few of your must-have-for-greater-health items, this giveaway is for you.

Use the Rafflecopter widget below and you just might win a $100 gift card to Kohl's.

Yes, I said $100.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

At the start of a new year, many people make the decision to achieve better health. Fitness goals are almost always at the top of resolution lists, but did you know that less than 10% of people actually achieve their fitness goals before the year is out? Unfortunately, many studies have shown this to be true, but every goal can and should be achievable. Especially if the goal is SMART.

When your goals are SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and TIMELY, you’ve already taken the first step toward success.

Now, stop and reassess your fitness goals.
Then consider these five tips to achieve them:

Make SMART goals to ensure fitness success.
1) Believe in yourself. 
This is a very powerful move to make. If you don’t believe in yourself, you have already decided that you won’t achieve your goals. At some point in your life, you’ve had to be a beacon of positivity for someone else, no? Whatever you did to motivate that person, do that again for yourself right now and forever moving forward. It’s not always easy, but it will always make a difference.

2) Find an accountability partner. 
Share your goals with someone. A significant other, a running group or maybe your favorite fitness instructor. Throw your goals out into the world so that someone can cheer you on. And maybe even join you.

3) Educate yourself. 
Speak with professionals. Read notable resources. Talk to those who have already achieved a goal like yours. Do your research so that you’re well prepared for the journey ahead of you. Going into it with a solid plan will make you feel more comfortable with the work.

4) Invest in the right gear. 
Shiny new things can lift our spirits, it’s true. So invest in that new pair of running shoes, or spend money on the gym membership you’ve always wanted. Buy the hand weights, or hire a trainer. Give yourself that one gift that will ultimately keep you motivated and moving.

5) Accept the setbacks. 
This is a really hard thing to embrace, but you need to believe that not all setbacks are dead stops. They’re just reality checks that will ultimately propel you forward with more determination than ever. Learn from your setbacks, then forget about them.

Finally, I leave you with this: It is never, ever too late to set new fitness goals. The right time for new beginnings can only be defined by your willingness to work for change. If it feels like the right time, then it is the right time. Embrace your motivation and the adventure, and watch yourself become the best version of you.

This is 2016. It’s your year.
I wish you the best of luck!

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Question: Who is your accountability partner? 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My 2016 Fitness, Health and Happiness Goals

2016 is here and it's that time of year. Time to sit down and reflect on our hopes and dreams for the days, months and weeks ahead of us. I take my time with this, don't you? And I'm not so much about the resolutions, per se. I prefer to make goals. SMART goals that I can achieve—and enjoy achieving. And I don't place too much emphasis on the end goal itself, because I believe that it's the journey toward that goal that really teaches me and changes me.

So, here:

1) Do more yoga.
We have a Power Yoga class at my gym that's pretty awesome, and I've been doing my best to attend it regularly. It fits nicely into my schedule, and compliments my existing teaching and running workouts. But this year's yoga goal goes beyond class attendance. I want to work on some arm balances. I had so much fun practicing, and finally nailing Bakasana and Eke Pada Koundinyanasana II, that I'm totally hooked. And then there's this for the list:

Cause sometimes, you just need to be upside down. Don't be scared to take risks, to do things outside your comfort zone. That is where we experience the greatest rewards.
Posted by Chalene Johnson on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2) Run the Fifth Third Riverbank Run 25K.
I wanted to run this race last year, then illness and life got in the way and my training got off schedule. It's a 15-mile run, which would be my longest. Right now, it's the only race (except for a local 5K) that's really on my mind. I'm sort of in a funk when it comes to training because I'm really enjoying running without all the pressure. My body feels great when I lace up, which was not the case at the end of my last bout of training. Ugh. So if I want to actually run this 25K, according to the plan I've been looking at, I should really start focusing by at least February 1. So we'll see. Regardless, main goal: Make every run fun.

3) Get my ACE Group Fitness Certification.
I am an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, and have been teaching group fitness for 6 years, and I figured it was time to make things official because #whynot. So let the studying begin.

Group Fitness Certification

1) Get back to prepping meals and snacks.
We've been in a funk with food lately, relying on basically the same meals and snacks from week to week. So it's getting quite boring. Before kids—and really, before Evan was born—I was pretty good at planning meals and making things ahead of time. But I've gotten away from that, so I want to place emphasis on making a good grocery list, sticking to it, and prepping things ahead of time whenever possible. Because the "here and there" approach isn't really working for me. Consistency is key, right?

2) Get my eyes checked.
Seriously, it's been years. I don't think I have any problems, but it's been so long that I can't really say for sure. Maybe I do and I don't even realize it. Plus, if I do have issues, that just means I get to shop for cute glasses. Ha!

3) Explore essential oils. 

Essential Oil Blends
I have a few blends and a bottle of peppermint that I've been playing with, but everyone (seriously, everyone) swears by them. So I want to learn more because (again) #whynot. Oh, and—I want to finally make that yoga mat spray that I've been talking about forever. Must buy tea tree oil and lavender.

1) Return to my faith. 
I grew up Catholic. I went to a Catholic grade school, high school and college. I got married in the Catholic church, and both my children were baptized Catholic. And yet, I feel so far away from my faith. So this is the year I want to get back to it. To help, I purchased a journaling Bible, and I have some daily devotionals to work through, too:

Bible journaling, illustrated faith, and daily devotionals for the doer and the dreamer.
2) Take time to relax—with and without my children.
I don't sit and relax. I feel like I always have to be doing something productive, like cleaning or picking up toys (or whatever else is out of place). So this year, I want to place emphasis on letting some of that need to perfect the house or the day (or even the blog) go. My kids are growing up fast. My husband and I only get so much time together each day. And I need to take mental breaks for myself. So this is the year for that. For perfecting my ability to relax. I think these will help with the "me time" portion of that:

coloring books for adults. how to get more me time
3) Spend less money on things, so I can spend more money on experiences.
Let's be honest, my kids have a ton of toys. And I've got a closet full of clothes and shoes. So I want to shift away from buying mindlessly. From buy things we don't really need. I want to focus on spending that money on things my little family can do. Lunch dates, outdoor adventures, plays...whatever. Things that create experiences and memories, because that stuff really lasts a lifetime, right?

Here's the thing: It's only January. I'm sure this list will grow and change as I go. There are twelve months ahead of me and I intend to make the most of them. Watch me go!

Question: Do you play with essential oils? What oils or blends are on your must-have list and why? What brands do you use? I know that can be important, too. Educate me, friends!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

5 Things New Runners Need #DSGFit4U

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick's® Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own (as they always are). 

One thing that almost always makes it onto my list of New Year's goals: Running. I'm still trying to figure out what races (if any) that I want to do this year, so for now, I'm running for the love of it. I've been running for years, and it never seems to get old. But if this is the first time you've had a focus on running, then I'm here today to offer you a list of five things that you (the new runner) need to invest in.

What kind of running gear should a new runner buy?
At it's very core, you don't need anything more than shoes to run. Literally, you can put on shoes and run. But if you want to use running as a serious form of exercise, there are some tools you should have on hand. Let's discuss.

5 Things New Runners Need

1) Running Shoes
Again, you can strap on some shoes and go. But if you want to train for any sort of distance race, or if you want to make running a regular feature on your weekly schedule, then you should invest in running shoes that are well-suited to your individual needs. I figured this out by trial and error, and am currently loving Mizuno Wave Rider 18s and Enigma 5s. I suggest you ask the shoe pros for help. They might also suggest you invest in a decent pair of running socks...

5 Things New Runners Need
...but that's entirely up to you. Some people are picky, I am not. (I am, however, intensely curious about Feetures! socks. People swear by them.)

2) A GPS Device
There are a number of apps you can download that will track your distance—trust me, when you get serious about running, you'll want to track your distance. I used to use MapMyRun on my iPhone, but switched to a Garmin Forerunner 15. GPS Watches are expensive, but totally worth it. When you start to train for a race, and as you work to improve speed and efficiency, they're truly the best resource you'll own.

3) A Running Jacket
This, of course, is only applicable to runners that must deal with cold temperatures. Because seriously, you can still run when it's cold out. (Translation: You can avoid the treadmill when it's cold out.) I got my first running jacket years ago that has kept me warm on a number of winter-in-Michigan runs. But sadly, it's starting to show it's age, and I wanted something that would keep me warm to and from the gym, too. So I picked up this Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Full Zip jacket on a recent trip to Dick's Sporting Goods.

It's so warm. And lightweight, which is everything I ever want in a running jacket. It's not thick, but it keeps me warm. You wouldn't think it would because it looks more like a sweatshirt, but it does.

There's room to layer, too. But I know what you're thinking: Is a running jacket really necessary? Yes. Because there's nothing worse than hating every step of your run simply because you wore the wrong thing. Don't improvise, just trust me. Running jackets are worth every penny.

4) Running Friends
Investing your heart and soul into a relationship has its benefits, and when you can call another runner your friend, it's the type of relationship that will pay off over and over again (for both of you). Running friends are the best because they totally will want to hear about your awful five-miler, or they totally will wake up at the crack of dawn with you to pound pavement, and they'll absolutely praise you for pushing through the distance of the day. Don't go it alone. Find someone, find a group of someones, and turn them into friends—because support groups rock. Where to start? Look for local running groups. Or chat up that person that's always on the treadmill next to you.

5) A Target Race
There are some runners that hate organized races. To each his own, but I think it's something that every runner needs to experience at least once—and I think it's an experience that can be particularly motivating for new runners. Not only will it give you an end goal to work toward, the finish line at a running race will add fuel to your running fire.  Get one medal, and you'll want more. I promise. Good bling can be great motivation! (Because seriously, we all know the odds of winning Olympic medals are slim to none, eh?) Additionally, there's this little thing called a PR (personal record). It always feels good to finish a little faster than you did last time.

Bottom line, you need to become the runner that YOU need to become. Whatever works for you, whatever motivates you to find goal success—that is what you need. The more you get into running, the more you figure out the gear, the tricks, the races and the training plans that work for you. Your goals are totally achievable this year. Please don't forget that.

For more running gear, visit Dick's Sporting Goods. Literally, it's a one-stop shop for anything and everything you could possibly need. 

For more fitness inspiration, check out the Wild Workout Wednesday linkup.

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Question: Experienced runners, is there anything you'd add to the list above? Additionally, what advice would you give to new runners? If you are a new runner, what are some of your questions and/or concerns?

Monday, January 4, 2016

60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home

Mondays are for teaching Barre Fit. It's one of my favorite classes to teach. Then again, I say that about all my group fitness classes. But seriously, my Barre students rock. Class is always fun, they work hard, and it's generally just a fun time in the studio. Today was particularly good, as the workout itself was hard. I could tell by the grunts and sarcastic "oh, happy Monday" comments. I felt the burn, too, which is always a good sign that things are going as I had hoped they would.

In case you need an at-home barre workout:

60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
We used medium and light weights, a BOSU and a mat. If you don't have a BOSU, don't sweat it, the move itself can be done without it (more on that later). If you don't have weights, try holding soup cans or bottles of water (carefully, of course).

Here's the actual workout:

60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
Keep in mind that, while I am a certified fitness professional, I can't guarantee that this workout is right for you. Proceed with caution, consult your physician before trying anything new, and always...ALWAYS...warm up and cool down.

Let's dissect some of the moves.

Barre Exercises

The workout above is divided into three circuits, each of which should be repeated three times through before continuing to the next. In the first circuit, the squat sequence should be pretty easy to follow. Tip: You can always place a toe on the ground to help with balance, if need be. Up next:

BOSU Crunch and Punch
Position yourself in the middle of your BOSU trainer, slightly off center. Use the forearm of the non-working arm to help with balance.

BOSU Ab Exercise, 60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
As you press the weight up, lift your leg up toward the weight, adding a crunch at the top.

BOSU Ab Exercise, 60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
Be sure to get the other side, too.

Reverse Fly with Alternating Side Leg Abductions
There's really nothing too complicated about this move, just add the side leg abductions to work your hip flexors and glutes.

60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
Wide Squat with Shoulder Abductions
Again, nothing too revolutionary. As you squat down, lift your weights up to shoulder height. Your ankles should be underneath your knees and tuck your hips in to help activate your core.

60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
Static Biceps Hold with In and Out Biceps Pulse
Lock your elbows to your sides and hold the weights right here for (:15).

60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
It's not hard, but increases the burn when you start to pulse the arms out and in like this:

60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home / A Daily Dose of Fit
Seated Hip Adductions
The key to this exercise is keeping your back straight. Your arms can help you with this. Engage your core and lift your straight leg up and down.
60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
Ankle-Tap Crunches
Get into a traditional crunch position, then lift your head up off the mat and engage your abdominals. Reach down toward your right ankle, then reach for your left to complete one repetition, like so:

60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me: tara (at) adailydoseoffit (dot) come.

Let me know if you give this workout a try!
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Question: What kind of workouts do you do at home? What kind of fitness equipment do you have at home?

Friday, January 1, 2016

This is going to be a great year. (, a @pageadaycal giveaway)

This is going to be a great year. I feel it, don't you? 2015 was wonderful, even when it wasn't. The highs, the lows and everything in between—all we can do now is "learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow."

Today is going to be a great day! Page-A-Day Calendar. Illustrated inspirational quotes, one for every day of the year.
I spent some time reflecting on this past year, and now I'm fully immersed in my hopes for 2016.

What will I accomplish?
What will I change?
What will I learn?
What will I do?

It remains to be seen.

What I do know is that I want every day to be a great day, which is why I'm going with this 2016 page-a-day calendar for the third year in a row:

365 days of words to inspire and art to keep.
It's that good.

365 days of words to inspire and art to keep.

It gives me a beautifully illustrated, totally inspiring new quote every day. Even on the weekends. If you're looking for a new calendar, I highly recommend the Today is Going to Be a Great Day! 2016 Page-A-Day Calendar. Seriously, it's so perfect:

365 days of words to inspire and art to keep.
Today's quote is amazing. It reminds me, as I sit here pondering my plan for 2016, that I can do anything I put my mind to. Nothing...absolutely nothing is impossible. And if it is, that just means there's another way of accomplishing whatever goal or dream is at the forefront of my thinking.

Yours, too.
Nothing is impossible, friend.
You can do whatever it is you want to do.

Also, you can win this very calendar. 

I contacted my friends at Page-A-Day to see if they'd be willing to share a copy of this calendar with one lucky Daily Dose reader, and they so graciously agreed to. So, in addition to my own calendar, I have one here for you! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. I'll pick one reader after the contest closes at Midnight EST on Friday, January 8, 2016.

I'm super excited to share this calendar with one of you!
It's seriously one of my most favorite things ever!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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