Monday, August 6, 2012

Honeybaked Figs with Vanilla @Chobani and @LoveGrownFoods Granola

I don't think I like figs. I mean, I thought I might so I picked up a carton at the grocery store. They're filled with fiber and potassium, among other things, and they're slightly exotic which would make them equally healthy and fun to eat. Like pomegranates and passion fruit. But did you know that figs aren't fruit, and that they're actually flowers that have inverted into themselves? So cool.

I love flowers, but that doesn't mean I love figs. Maybe I'm just not eating them correctly.

So I have this huge stack of Cooking Light magazines on my counter:

Every month, I tab out recipes to try and back in September, I stuck a stickie on Granola with Honey-Scented Yogurt and Baked Figs.

Granola? Already got some.
Honey? Love it.
Yogurt? Every day.


Why not.
Or not.

Let me preface the following by telling you that I didn't follow the recipe above as exactly as I should have, meaning that I used the Love Grown granola I got from my last Foodie Pen Pal. And I used a carton of Vanilla Chobani instead of mixing in the honey. But I did make the figs according to the recipe.

I ultimately ended up with this:

Here's the weird thing. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. (Well, obviously I loved the granola and yogurt parts.) The figs weren't gross, but they weren't good, which lends me to believe one of two things: That I don't like figs, or that I picked a bad recipe.

I want to like figs. Mostly because they're inverted flowers.

Help a healthy eater out...

Question: Do you like figs? How do you eat them? Please link me if you have an awesome recipe. I've still got a few left.


Michelle said...

I love figs, but I think they're an acquired taste.  It's definitely possible you just don't like them.  There are plenty of other delicious foods out there!

adailydoseoffit said...

So how do you eat your figs?!

Michelle said...

I've always eaten them plain (I order them from  But now you've inspired me to try them different ways!

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