Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Food Focused

It's a food day up in here. We fell out of our Sunday grocery trip routine. I don't know how, but it happened. And our cupboards showed it last night. Luckily, today was a CSA day. I picked up a plethora of veggies, and then made my way to the local big box to supplement with some fruits and proteins. Here I sit, eating my healthy lunch.

Don't judge me for eating it in front of the computer. The girl is napping, which means I'm in get-stuff-done mode. Let's talk about the new-to-me crispbreads pictured above. And below:

Total splurge, so good. I found them at Meijer, if you have one near you. I love chestnuts, and I'm always up for trying new crackers. I thought they'd be great with a nut butter of some sort, and they were. Both almond and peanut nut butters. Also, the nutritional stats are awesome. As was yesterday's lunch.

I'm two-for-two with good lunches. Look:

A raisin bread panini with peanut butter and a banana, plus a purple pepper sliced, sauteed and filled with a scrambled up egg.

The picture does not do it justice.

But anyway, that which was shown in the first picture of this post is now gone and I need to get back to my food-focused agenda. Before the girl wakes up, I need to:

1) Separate the bulk package of pork I just bought.
2) Freeze a can of pumpkin in an ice cube tray for Hannah food.
3) Make some black bean soup.
4) Cut (and probably eat) some cantaloupe.
5) Make chocolate chip cookies. (<—WHAT! Who typed that?)

Question:  What did you eat for lunch today?

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