Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Got my bobble!

And I must say—totally impressed! From the packaging to its performance, this by far is one of my best investments yet. I've already filtered water from a fountain at the gym, and then from a spout at my local grocery store (you know, the kind by the pop machines). The resulting water is totally great and completely refreshing. Also, the, bobble is the perfect size. It fits nicely in my gym bag and will do the same in any of the purses I'm currently sporting.

According to the company, approximately 38 billion water bottles end up in our country's landfills every single year. That's a giganti-huge number, and I'm more than willing to help reduce it. Especially now that I have a bobble, whose filter lasts about two months. That means from here on out, I'll be spending approximately $6.95 on my bottled water habit. Which, if you do the math, is drastically less than the cost of purchasing a 12-pack every week. Or even a gallon a week, which would cost me around $8.00 over the course of two months. I raise my bobble to that, indeed, and clink it with...well, nothing. But I'm still raising my glass.

Question: Do you buy water bottles every week, or do you have a favorite water bottle. If so, what's that favorite water bottle look like? (If you recall my Cupcake SIGG, rest assured it'll still make the rotation!)

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