Sunday, September 5, 2010

Onward to victory.

Ladies and gentlemen, get excited—football season is here! It's time for tailgates and team colors, fight songs and first downs. It's time for cheerleaders and cheap beer, Vienna beef hot dogs and victory marches. But most importantly, it's time for the boys on our favorite teams to display all of the hard work they've put into their sport. I respect their athleticism and their dedication, and I thank them for giving me something to cheer, cheer for every Saturday—and I most certainly cheer, cheered my heart out yesterday! While my husband traveled to Ann Arbor for the Michigan (ew) game, I went to South Bend to support the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Check out the highlights:

Whether or not you're a football fan, it can be hard to deny the fact that a football player is a great example of someone who is fairly fit. (I mean, could your body handle getting tackled? I didn't think so.) And having been a cheerleader for twelve years myself, I can say for certain that they, too are excellent examples of fit individuals. Let them both inspire you to work harder this season. Do wide-leg squats and touch the ground below to feel like you're part of the line. Lift weights in a side shoulder abduction and imagine they're pompoms. And most importantly, do some sprints and pretend you're moments away from scoring the game-winning touchdown.

Question: Did you watch a football game this weekend? Who are you cheering for this season?

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