Sunday, September 12, 2010

Schedules: What they mean to us, and what happens when they change.

Life is a never-ending series of events. From work to play, exercise to sleep and everything in between—it all happens and we like it to happen according to the schedule we've established. But, it doesn't. Life likes to throw us curve balls on occasion, which force us to change our schedules whether we really want to or not. And it's those schedule changes that throw everything else out of whack. Particularly when it comes to exercise.

My mom and I discuss this topic quite frequently. She used to take a Body Pump class at her local YMCA, but they nixed it for some inexplicable reason. Her whole week revolved around that one class, and then suddenly it couldn't. And when she finally managed to replace it with another class, they nixed that one as well. She had just gotten back into her schedule, and then it changed again. To this day, my mom is still trying to figure out how to replace that Body Pump class.

I bring this up because my own schedule is about to change, and I had just gotten myself into a routine that accurately combined my work and workout schedules. Plus everything in between. But on Monday, everything gets slightly upended as I take on three fitness classes. Two of which meet twice a week. And since it's my job to lead the class by example, I'll have to figure this additional exertion into my workout schedule so that I don't completely exhaust myself. But first, the Bike Michiana for Hospice ride.

40 miles, and I really haven't taken the bike out lately. The furthest I've ever gone is 25 miles, so I might be in trouble. Especially since I spent all of yesterday on my feet. My boys, they gave it their best but the Irish just couldn't squeeze past the Wolverines. It was a close, yet imperfect game and I almost lost my voice. And my cool.

To the crazy man who sat behind us, keep your hands off my husband. He wasn't the only one standing in your way, fool!

You can be sure I'll report on the ride at some point. Until then, make sure your schedule is packed, but spacious enough to catch a few curve balls. Workouts, too. Remember that when you schedule in advance, it makes everything else a bit easier to accommodate.

Question: Do you find it easy to squeeze workouts into your schedule? How do you react when your scheduled training session is disrupted? I tend to get annoyed. I mean, really annoyed.

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