Monday, September 20, 2010

A "Whole" Day in the City

The skies on Saturday morning didn't shine as brightly as I had hoped for, but it didn't stop Aly, Angie and I from having fun in the city this weekend. From the skyscrapers to the shopping, eating and walking—good times were had by all. Our trip centered around the Dave Matthews Band concert at Wrigley Field, and though we've all seen him in concert before, we've never seen him (or anyone else) play at the Cubs' house.

Neither Dave nor the stadium disappointed. (Jason Mraz was pretty good, too.) Dave played old and new songs (including "Crash," all of which sounded twice as nice with city lights as the backdrop.

Our seats were behind home plate. A bit far, but that didn't matter. We heard him, and we sang along as if we were in the front row. But before all that, we did some shopping! I snagged a few articles of clothing (all purchased at discounted prices, thank you) including this adorable Aerie F.I.T. tank. Ladies, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the Aerie F.I.T. brand! Everything is super comfortable and completely affordable. Especially when it goes on sale. At just $11, this empire waist (love it) tank was definitely a sweet score. (No Aerie F.I.T. in your mall? Check out Target for a tank just like this.) Clothes aside, you'll have to look inside my new Whole Foods shopping bag for the sweetest of all scores.

Can you tell what everything is? And don't say, "Yeah...I see peanuts." Do you see the small bag of trail mix I made from all the deliciousness in the bulk bins? It's right next to the—oh wait. I ate it. LOVE BULK BINS. Cut me a break, I was hungry after the concert (and again on the last leg of my drive home)! But anyways, I think I shall reveal the contents of this bag periodically over the next few posts. Stay tuned!

Question: Do you like to shop natural food stores? I know they're expensive, but the food they carry is always so much fun! What's your favorite thing to buy?

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Unknown said...

All natural meats, rbgh-free milk, fresh cheese, and a million other things. :) Other than those items listed above and of course things off the "dirty dozen" list, I try to keep my other Whole Foods items to what is on sale. However, being that Whole Foods is way too convenient for me, I don't usually do a very good job. Now, what I wish I had closer was a Fresh Market. That is like 25 minutes drive. Boo!

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