Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Eat 'em like junk food."

Picture a snack based on the following description: orange and crunchy, shaped like a 2-inch torpedo, with a certain flavor that can't be denied. Cheetos, right? Wrong. More like baby carrots. And just so you know, there's nothing "baby" about them. They are, in fact, pared down versions of standard-sized carrots. And as a former advertising professional and current supporter of health and wellness, I can't help but get excited about the baby carrot industry's new ad campaign.

A recent article posted on the USA TODAY website states that the baby carrot industry is spending over $25 million on their new advertising campaign, which aims to take on the world of sweet and salty snacks. We'll collectively refer to this world as "junk food." The campaign has already gone viral, thanks to a website dedicated to "the original orange doodles." It highlights new packaging, a crunch-powered iPhone game and, well...even a sexy commercial. (They always have to go there, don't they?!) Take a look:

This ad and the entire baby carrot campaign will challenge snackers to make better choices at vending machines and in grocery aisles across the country. It's no small task, but it makes complete sense. While Chester Cheetah is quite the entertaining cat, his delectable goods do nothing for your health. Ingredients like enriched corn meal, partially hydrogenated soybean oil and monosodium glutamate curb your efforts to be healthy and fit, which means junk food should be avoided whenever possible. Carrots are nothing more, nothing less than carrots—a perfect example of clean eating, really. One carrot snack gives you loads of vitamins and minerals, not industry formulated additives and artificial brouhaha.

Personally speaking, I love dipping baby carrots in hummus. They're good on top of a salad, and can be easily chopped for homemade soups. (Is it time for Tortellini Soup yet? We're close. I already made chili.) I also enjoy them plain. Sounds boring, but it's a pure and good snack that can be taken anywhere. Must get some when I hit the grocery store.

Maybe on my way home from the gym. On top of a client, I'll be teaching my first Fit over 50 class today. I've already met some of the ladies. They seem nice, though I think they gravitate toward the exercise machines. This is the type of class that turns me into more of a supervisor than an instructor, but I'd like to do more instructing that supervising. I think machines are great, but not the most beneficial in a group setting. I'll let you know what happens.

Question: How do you eat your carrots? Do you think this campaign will make you choose carrots over cookies if you're standing at a vending machine that offers both?

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