Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Old Favorite, New Twist

Tired of walking lunges? Don't be. They should be a staple in your exercise routine. I know, I know. But they're not fun. And they hurt. Small price to pay, really. Walking lunges tone just about every muscle below the belt, and even a few above it. Your core kicks in with every step in order to keep you balanced. And you can kick that core into high gear with an added twist—literally! Grab an exercise ball and hold it with straight arms right in front of your chest. As you step forward, twist the ball to the side of your forward leg as you complete the lunge. Return to standing, then repeat with your other leg. Continue like this until you've finished all of your repetitions.

See...old favorite, new twist! I make my clients do walking lunges all the time, and they always moan about them. Until they complete the repetitions I've prescribed. Only then do the realize that a few seconds of hard work can really pay off.

In the words of Lance Armstrong: "Pain is temporary, but quitting is forever."

Question: Are you a fan of walking lunges? Better yet, are you a fan of "Dancing with the Stars?" What I'd give to be on that show! Not only is it great fun, but dancing is an amazing workout. I'm  particularly excited to see that Baby is outside of her corner again! And dancing to a song from the movie itself. Good luck Jennifer Grey. You're an old favorite, and I'm excited to watch you perform new twists.

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