Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sample Workouts

If you read fitness magazines for exercise advice, or if you consult the internet for workouts, you've probably been inundated with an overabundance of information. To be specific, sample workouts that promise this, that or the other result if completed (insert number) times a week. Not to discredit fitness magazines, the internet or even myself—I want you to realize that some of the workouts you come across are what industry professionals call "cookie-cutter" workouts. Anyone can do them, and so can you, but they might not be precisely what you need and/or love. In essence, it is essential that you try these workouts before you buy into their promises. And that you tweak them accordingly.

Realize that small tweaks and adjustments, substitutions or simplifications will be essential if you want to make strides and experience results. You should consider these workouts excellent starting points onto which you can build truly effective workouts of your very own. I myself have taken a number of great sample workouts from fitness magazines. But after one run, I typically find some way to make them my own. And I'd like to challenge you to do the same.

The following lower body workout is something I do quite frequently, and I'm almost certain some of the elements have appeared in the likes of Oxygen and Women's Health. But at this point, the sets and repetitions, frequency and order are my own. I'm sharing this workout with you today in an effort to inspire variety in your own lower body workouts, so give it a try and see what you think. Remember, what works for me might not necessarily work for you.

1) Stationary Lunges on Balance Disc (1x12/Side)
2) Front Squat Machine (3x10) (50 lbs.)
3) Dead Lifts on BOSU (3x10) (50 lbs.)
4) Box Steps with Exercise Band (x2)
6) Hip Adduction Machine (2x12) (45 lbs.)
7) 3-Way Calf Raises (3x15)

Question: How would you tweak the above to accommodate your needs?


Unknown said...

Three questions: What is a balance disk? Do you do dead lifts standing on the rounded or the flat side of the BOSU? What is a front squat machine?

TARA said...

I'm currently doing dead lifts with the rounded side down, though I had to work my way to this point. A front squat machine is essentially a standing squat machine, sometimes called a "hack" squat machine. Look for something you can load with weight plates, there should be shoulder pads you can press into, and the platform you stand on may or may not be inclined. Stay tuned for a post on the balance disc!

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