Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Exercise Ball Stretch

I concluded yesterday's post by querying you about your favorite stretch, and I thought it only fitting that I make today's post about MY favorite stretch. It's a static stretch that involves the use of an exercise ball. I don't know where you keep your exercise ball (if you have one), but mine tends to roll between rooms as we consistently kick it out of the way. As a result, I'm prone to pulling an exercise ball stretch for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It releases tension in the chest and abdominal area, and generally just relaxes me. As you can tell, the picture below was taken when I hadn't been working out. (Unless you consider last night's adventure in my little beach town a workout, which it sometimes can be if dancing is involved. In this case, it was not. Just good conversation over great food with excellent people.) By now, the ball had been kicked into the living room, in case you were wondering. And yes, the picture is somewhat goofy.

Give it a try: Take a seat on your exercise ball, then walk your feet forward until your neck, chest and hips are fully supported by the ball. Relax and breathe deeply, letting your arms fall to the side.

Question: Do you ever stretch for no reason at all? What is it about stretching that calls your name even when you aren't pre- or post-workout?

Oh, and—big game today. Notre Dame plays Michigan and my husband happens to be a huge fan of the Wolverines. Clearly, I am not. We have tickets and it's the first time we will attend this huge match together. I type in green to support the Irish. Have at 'em, boys. Get the win!

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