Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let's work your biceps and triceps.

Have you been using (and tweaking) the sample leg workout I posted on Saturday? I know it's only been a few days (one of which was a holiday), but I hope—at the very least—it's instilling some new inspiration below the belt. So as not to ignore the area above your belt, I thought I'd give you another sample workout. Something simple that hits your biceps and triceps. Tweak the following to create an arm workout that meets your needs:

1) Wide-Grip Bicep Cable Curls (2x12) (35 lbs.)
2) Triceps Dips with Feet on BOSU or Bench (2x12) 
3) Close-Grip Bicep Cable Curls with V-Bar (2x12) 35 lbs.)
4) Overhead Triceps Dumbbell Presses (2x12) (20 lbs.)

Question: What's your favorite bicep move? Triceps move?

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